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On the contrary, Tony: Clark’s comment was a direct response to the question posed by Craig: “Who will take a stand against authoritarianism and for the freedom to publish?”. The ten founding principles of Extinction Rebellion concern the organisation and mobilisation of ordinary citizens to resist authoritarian control – i.e. the core topic of Craig’s article and of his specific question; notably, the XR principles do not mention climate change or anthropogenic global warming (which Clark didn’t mention either). Clark also did not raise the issues of Bolivia or eugenics: those issues were introduced by you, evidently to continue your previous criticism of XR on the same theme (in view of the similarly off-topic comment deleted a few days earlier).

Clark’s comment was squarely on topic, but your response to it represented a sharp digression which was correctly removed in accordance with Craig’s guidelines. You were invited to continue the discussion in the forums (so you can hardly complain about censorship), but instead of continuing the debate you raised a spurious complaint about moderation. So the deleted posts were duly reproduced, together with an explanation.

You’re welcome to debate XR, Greta, climate change, eugenics, and whatever else, here in the forums under appropriately informative titles (as opposed to e.g. “Deleted posts”), so that people can easily identify and refer back to the discussion if they wish to do so.

Thank you for your consideration.