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Paul Barbara

@ Clark September 25, 2019 at 13:45
‘…I take it you mean that the communication components are deadly, which is what I meant by “death ray”. At present this is very unlikely to be true, because they use the same communications infrastructure as the rest of the various communications networks; there is no health basis for singling out “smart meters”…’
You don’t seem to know much about radiation. Radio waves, X-rays, light waves are all forms of radiation, but have vastly different characteristics regarding safety or danger to life, human, animal, insect, plants, trees, according to their frequency and power, and whether they are regular straight-forward waves or pulsed and modulated ones.
So different frequencies can cause different, specific damage to cells, and to specific organs.
This is known to military (and ex-military) microwave specialists such as Barrie Trower.
UVA can be beneficial to humans, forming vitamin D in the body, but too much can cause sunburn or even cancer.
Similarly X-rays can detect broken bones or diseases, but can also cause cancers.
Most so-called ‘Smart Meters’ use very high-power, frequent pulsed bursts, which can go through walls (and human tissue) and cause cell death and mutation.
‘..5G however uses much higher frequencies than before, and health testing of those higher frequencies is insufficiently public…’
That is rather an understatement – Microwave Communications spokesmen have admitted that there is NO testing showing 5G is safe. But advanced militaries are fully aware of 5G’s use as weapon frequencies, though the MSM will try not to report on that. Idiotic ‘thermal tests’ for previous generations of microwave communication is known to be useless, and was insisted on because it was known that the use of that benchmark would allow virtually all commercial frequencies and powers to be utilised.