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Paul Barbara

@ Clark September 25, 2019 at 16:42
I made a crystal set in the late 1940’s, very early 1950’s. I certainly did not follow up my interest to the extent of being able to fix TV sets, so apparently I was wrong about your level of knowledge. But you certainly don’t show it in your comments; as for dissing Barrie Trower (on what basis?) it reminds me of your dissing 3,000 + Architects and Engineers, whilst having no qualifications in those areas.
Professor Hulsey and his team from University of Alaska Fairbanks have just put out their 4-year investigation into WTC 7; lots of new developments coming up on that front, but apart from clueing you in, I’ll let you search it out as it is verboten here.
Regarding the gas ‘Smart Meters’, you are almost certainly correct, so I’ll stand corrected.
I went to a very good, and packed, public meeting in Chelsea Old Town Hall last night (Weds. 25th.), and despite my hearing difficulties was very encouraged by the quality of the panel, and the audience:


It’s a pity you don’t check these issues out, instead of relying on MSM, government, Mick West and Corporate propaganda. You would soon realise that the general public, including yourself, are under serious attack.
You accept Global Warming is real, and support the ER business. The reason that is allowed through by the gatekeepers is because some big Corporations can make a bundle by manipulating innocent dupes, like was done in the so-called ‘Arab Spring’. Am I wrong? Which of these ‘Arab Spring’revolutions has worked out well for the ‘Soros Revolutionaries’?
Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria? Only the latter has not worked to the Soros/NED plan (and Ukraine isn’t working out too well, but that of course isn’t ‘Arab’).