Google Knows Guido 21

This won’t make any sense unless you first look at this rather good and amusing piece on Paul Staines’ blog, about the predictive suggestions Google gives you when you type “Gordon Brown is”.

Then go to, and type in “Paul Staines”, and see what predictive text Google suggests.


As Paul says so wisely “GOOGLE KNOWS”.

Those google predictive text suggestions for Paul Staines:


Did Paul not have the sense to try this on himself before putting out the results about Gordon Brown? Paul has not so much been hoist by his own petard. His petard has been doubled up, set on fire and rammed up his arse.

As you so acutely observed: Google knows, Paul, Google knows. Couldn’t agree with you more.

Feel free to try it for Craig Murray, incidentally. I don’t know how google order their suggestions – it’s not by most results. Most searches, perhaps?

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21 thoughts on “Google Knows Guido

  • Leo Davidson

    Here you go:

    If you’re on a Windows machine you can push the PrtScn key (top-right, though it’ll be a weird Fn-key combination if it’s a laptop) to put the screen into the clipboard. You can then paste that into an image editor.

    (In this case I used a screenshot utility that lets you take pictures after a timer, but that’s probably more difficult not less if you just want something simple.)

  • anticant

    Craig, I’m getting very bored with your personal attacks on other bloggers. If you carry on like this you will lose readers who, like me, are interested in issues – not petty slanging matches.

  • Craig


    Well, it cheers me up. And the readership statistics are ever higher.

    Besides which, the misappropriation of the word “libertarian” by authoritarian right wingers really is a concern to me.

  • anticant

    OK Craig, if it cheers you up it pisses me off and if you go on doing it I shall pay far less attention to your views. Is that what you want?

  • lwtc247

    anticant. We all have our moments, Craig is just having his.

    It’s not reasonable to assume he would (or should) put things here just because the thinks it’s what he believes others want to read.

    I’m not one for the slanging match either (already bought the T-shirt) but I love to see hypocrites exposed and I guess Craig thinks he’s landed one.

    Besides, Guido for some unearthly explanation is now in the political class’s eye, so why shouldn’t he be subject to the same treatment he metes out to others?

    I do think Craig would have conversed with the journo that wrote of Staines trying to set the BNP up (as he would have us believe) so that the he could errrr denounce them as racists, ermmmm.. Sorry Paul, what was the devilish plan you had again?

    You weren’t in NY recently were you?

    P.S. I read somewhere the FBI made sure real bombs were used in place fo fake bombs in the 1993 NY-WTC bombing in which numerous people were killed. Look at all the establishment conspiracy theorists saying the FBI WEREN’T to blame.

  • Ron


    Grow up. Why would Craig care that you read his blog. It’s his blog and his opinions. I dare say that for some if it didn’t have oddities like the Guido-bashing it would be much less worth reading.

  • Phil

    anticant, just take it in the vein that Google suggest hints at: “Craig Murray comedy” 🙂

  • anticant

    I’m too old to grow up, I’m afraid. It’s Craig’s blog and he can use it as he wants. But his unduly personal bashing of Charles Crawford, Iain Dale, and now Staines is getting boring. If Craig aspires to be the Big Beast of the politico-blogosphere, that’s fine by me. And if he doesn’t care about the views of his studio audience, that’s fine by me too. It’s just a matter of taste.

  • Craig

    I thought I saw a comment here giving a URL for a PDF of a letter of withdrawal from David Rose, but now I can’t see it? Can someone repost it?

  • Abe Rene

    Just googled ‘Craig Murray’. I could edit the printscreen (thank you for the newly taught IT expertise!), but sadly couldn’t paste it in here. Anyway, the very first entry was this website, followed by your biography (also from this website), then a wiki article, then two videos – on Karimov and against Islamophobia – and then a Guardian and BBC article. An excellent selection!

  • nextus

    Guido’s been pwned again!

    The blogosphere spins furiously, more so the smoother it gets. Craig’s hackle-raising is creating friction and stopping the spin. He’s doing us all a great service.

    This site is like a continuously updated version of Private Eye, but more incisive and entertaining. There are plenty of more sombre options for hypohumorists.

    Oh, what a lovely blogwar!

  • Abe Rene

    Just noticed that the popup topics are not in the same order as the full entries in google, as they appear to be categories, not websites. The popup list for your own name however has ‘blog’ as the very first, and then mixed with a few others, in order ‘uzbekistan’, ‘usmanov’,’catholic orangemen’, ‘lancaster’ and ‘torture’.

  • VamanosBandidos

    It is interesting to find the debate running in the direction of secondary alternative defensive posture. The argument goes; stop blackguarding, and attacking the so called “independent” bloggers. This really means; lay off our boys, and let them get on with their hysterionics (that is then taken as the mood of the “street”) denouncing the current batch of ne’er-do-wells, and paving the way for yet another bunch of bastards to a man of them to get in, nearer to the trough and get on with yet more criminalization of we the people, in a more efficient manner, whilst bringing about massive cuts in the services, so that the banks/corporates/chums/chums’_neighbours/chums’_ducks/etc. have even more free money at their disposal.

    Never mind the thread, troll, troll, troll, anyway being the motto, inclusive of the use of doomsday weapon; I ,and my friends will stop reading this blog.

    The answer to which ought to be;

    A- Why did you read the package? (the heading patently clarifies, what it is about, ie the heading was not; “click here and you win two million quids!”)

    B- Having read and understood the words, then why did you write a retort denouncing the author, without so much as bothering to either bring a counter view, and or refute the allegations, and or assumptions?

    C- Who the hell do you think you are? Has the centre of the universe shifted again lately and come closer to your proximity?

    D- I am sick of the bastards who are using the blogs to bring about yea olde media arrangements back, on the cheap. Hence anyone transgressing the threshold ought to be readied for the torrent of abuse, questions, and contempt that they deserve, for sitting down to drink soup with the devil, albeit they have availed themselves with a long spoon.

  • "For the restless, not the true believers, this one's for you.."

    Couple of pints, LOL!

    Typos can be great! points:

    No one, who comments in the bloggersphere is immune to scrutiny and criticism, not even Guido, who, like Craig, has become daily reading for me for around 7 or 8 months.

    Between both these sites I have gained further knowledge and understanding of how the UK’s political landscapes came about, it’s underlying geological strata, it’s more murkier backwaters of nepotism, corruption, cronyism and deception,

    And that the colour or political persuasion of the jackboot on your face matters little to the recipient.

    I learn from Craig’s site, the inner workings of the shadow side of government, how much work the Civil Service actually do and their function, the human rights atrocities being carried out across the globe.

    From Guido’s site I gain insight to the raw naked feelings of the commentators, the insults traded.

    Some are Trolls of political agents, some just to provoke.

    I don’t get offended by being called stupid or an English idiot, I came to the conclusion very early in my development that I would have been an idiot regardless of the location of my birth or my genetic heritage, .

    From both I follow interesting likes to gain further knowledge.

    Craig’s revelations regarding Guido’s ‘flirtation’ back in 1986 reminded me, because I am around Guido’s age, of some of the crap I used to think when I was younger, and some of the dumb-arsed situation I got myself into.

    We were all young once, and sometimes we associated with those who, given the hindsight of maturity, would now be an anathema to us.

    Also I read somewhere that Google was allegedly set up with CIA funding, so I am unsure how impartial it is….

    Love and Peas… …

  • For the restless, not the true believers, this one's for you..

    Should have read: From both I follow interesting links to gain further knowledge.

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