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well, I eat meat. I thought about it once.

I believe that billions of billions of cells which lived here on this planet, developed and evolutioned to form a structure, that finally appeared to be my body – the memory, the experience, the culture and co-working mechanisms of these numerous cells must not be forgotten, non-trusted and betrayed.
It’s like respect for the soldiers who died for me living now.

I know that we are no longer lower animals and have brains (or rather, we differ from them in the more developed gray matter of the brain). But this structure of our organisms appeared relatively recently and its authority is, honestly, doubtful – look at what is going on in the world.

I studied biology quite deeply, and I want to say that if you peer into the membrane of a cell and realize how enormous work has been done by evolution, so that a few molecules work together as a chemical plant producing complex processes. Yes, and encode this mechanism so that it can be archived, transported, and then deployed and reproduced in a new organism… Perharps you’d realise, how disrespectful and arrongant is the suppressing of their ‘delivery request’ for certain type of molecules.

I do not support cruel experiments on animals or vivisection or anything of that kind. As soon as we find the way to grow meat in laboratories, I will eat artificial meat.