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    • COSMOS‘ (YouTube) – The Earth and Moon – at the ‘ Enchanted Forest ‘ Pitlochry, Scotland 2019
    • World Leaders Group‘ (FaceBook) – Ukraine’s new President Zelensky brings his sense of humor to office. He gathered his former comic troupe behind the hit show which propelled him to office, Servant of the People, to entertain the guests of this year’s YES Conference. Check out this take on the “World Leaders Group” chat he just joined.

    Tatiana, with regards to the number of satellites, I meant thousands in the plural. I’ve heard that eventually 5G will employ an extra 20,000 of the things, beaming down onto every spot on Earth, emitting radiaation at frequencies that some consider harmful.


    Hatuey… Ya gotta Give Creddo to THat Instant Reply. That Girl is Sharp.


    Thank you, moderators for editing, looks much more better!

    Nice Saturday morning in Russia.
    The school it taking kids on a journey for this week-end, so I expect more free time 🙂 Hope to drag more people here.


    I know one person is quite obsessed by launching things into space 🙂 Ilon Mask. Must be his idea. He is never shy in the scales of his projects.

    I recently passed the music fun test and learned from it that Voyager carries a golden disk into the space, and the disk contains “Die Hole Rache”. Surprised with the choice. What if some extraterrestrials understand it? They would think we are all mad here on Earth 🙂 A mother with a knife cursing her daughter and making those “a-ha-ha-ha-ha”…

    Why not choose Casta Diva? A woman prays for peace. Divine music. Maria Callas is iconic, but I like this video with Rene Fleming better, because there’s flute in the beginning


    Hello Tatyana, and thank you for posting about Sputnik.

    Please would you tell us what you know of the story of the Mir space station?

    Has anyone here read Gravity’s Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon? Here is a song that it inspired, which sends shivers up my spine and never fails to make me cry:

    “Why these mountains?
    – Why this sky?
    – This long road?
    – This empty room?


    Hi, Clark, welcome here 🙂

    Shame, I know near to nothing about Mir. But my husband’s education is exactly this field of knowlege. if you have specific questions, I can ask him and translate for you.

    Googled for the Gravity’s Rainbow, seems like something hard to read!?


    well, I expected it will be a lazy week-end. No sheduled visits, plenty of free time. Deciding on how to spend this day is like listening to the Angel and the Devil sitting on your shoulders 🙂

    – Go to your studio and work on your new project!
    – Studio is in the half-basement.
    – It is cozy there.
    – But it is depressing to stay underground in the daytime.
    – But the new project…
    – And poor internet sygnal
    – But the new project…
    – And you have orange marmalade, and you can quikly coock a pile of pancakes
    – Pancakes and marmalade add extra centimeters to your backside, Tanya. Go to the studio. You’ve got a lot of work!
    – And you have the whole James Bond film collection, start with Casino Royal

    When I can’t decide, I think “What if it’s the last day of my life? What if I die tomorrow?”

    Finally, I decided it’s better to die fat and happy, rather then slim and tired 🙂 Still can’t understand if it were the Angel who voted for pancakes 🙂


    Maybe. It’s something to let yourself read whenever you happen to be in the right mood. A lot of it is quite surreal. I enjoyed going with its flow, but when I tried to impose meaning upon it I just got confused.
    – – – – – – –

    No, I don’t have questions, but I’d love to hear your experience, like what was on television or in the papers, and what people thought of it. I often watch the ISS go over, and I wish I had thought to look for Mir back before 2001.

    “Mir (Russian: Мир, IPA: [ˈmʲir]; lit. peace or world) was a space station that operated in low Earth orbit from 1986 to 2001, operated by the Soviet Union and later by Russia. Mir was the first modular space station and was assembled in orbit from 1986 to 1996. It had a greater mass than any previous spacecraft. At the time it was the largest artificial satellite in orbit, succeeded by the International Space Station (ISS) after Mir’s orbit decayed. The station served as a microgravity research laboratory in which crews conducted experiments in biology, human biology, physics, astronomy, meteorology, and spacecraft systems with a goal of developing technologies required for permanent occupation of space.

    – Mir was the first continuously inhabited long-term research station in orbit and held the record for the longest continuous human presence in space at 3,644 days, until it was surpassed by the ISS on 23 October 2010.[13] It holds the record for the longest single human spaceflight, with Valeri Polyakov spending 437 days and 18 hours on the station between 1994 and 1995. Mir was occupied for a total of twelve and a half years out of its fifteen-year lifespan, having the capacity to support a resident crew of three, or larger crews for short visits.”

    USSR / Russia has always been ahead in spaceflight, especially human spaceflight. That’s why the USA is so scared of Russia.


    Clark, the reviews on the Russian translation of this book do not recommend reading it, and my English is not good enough to read the original, I’m afraid.

    I remember almost nothing about the Mir, it was removed from orbit and drowned in 2001, and for me it was the first year of work experience and the first marriage.
    A year earlier, the tragedy of Kursk submarine happened, that case I remember well.


    If we can all post whatever connections we want in this forum, I’d like to mention that although Yuri Gagarin was the first person in space and also the first to orbit the Earth he was not the first animal in either category. The first animal in space was Albert, a rhesus macaque monkey who died of suffocation on a US-fired German-developed V2 rocket in 1948.

    The first animal to orbit the Earth was Laika, a stray dog found on the streets of Moscow who was an unwilling victim of the USSR’s Sputnik-2 program in 1957. Having been forced to undergo experimentation in a centrifuge, she was kept during the flight in a tiny container in which she suffered a very high level of stress and overheating which killed her. Decades later, Lieutenant General Oleg Gazenko who trained the animals for the programme apologised. Unfortunately his apology was pathetic because he couched it in cost-benefit terms.

    The abuse of non-human animals in early space programmes was met with protest demonstrations in a number of countries. One of these took place in 1957 outside the Soviet embassy in London and opposed the use of dogs in the Sputnik 2 programme. Participants included the great Lizzi Lind af Hageby, then in her 80th year.


    Humans are the New / old Monkey .. wars that we cant learn from.

    Tatayana..I agree with Clark..your Husband’s Expertise sounds Kool


    I suspect that Gravity’s Rainbow wouldn’t translate well (and would give a translator a headache!); if you’re going to read it, read it in its original US English.

    It’s a shame you know little of Mir; it was a wonderful project. Maybe Russian media should highlight it more.


    Roger waters was Last seen on these Shores as he sang ‘ Wish You Were Here ‘ in London…In support for Julian..

    however this is touching too.. From Roger..I think.


    Empathy for non-human animals was very low in those days, and they had even less protection than they do now. Relative to other industries the various space programmes were very minor offenders, though offenders nevertheless. The domestic consumption market must have tortured tens of millions of animals; anti-litigation testing of domestic cleaning agents, cosmetics etc. And then there’s always meat…


    Yes, I agree, it’s a shame.
    But I know the latest gossip on ISS. Do you know anything of drilling in the ISS? We know 🙂
    Someone even wrote a fun verse in russian:

    Разлила ночь любви елей
    И тихо спит осенний лес
    А где-то травят Скрипалей
    И дрель жужжит на МКС

    it translates something like this (I try to keep the rhythm):

    The night has spilled the chrism of love
    The autumn forest is serene
    While someone’s poisoning Skripals
    And the ISS hears the sound of a drill


    N_, glad you’re here 🙂
    Yes, it must be the same moderation rules, but we are not to keep to a certain topic.

    On the problem of animals in the space I agree with Clark. We eat meeat, and we do not count white rats in laboratories, so …


    Roger Waters has integrity, he is brave man to say what he think and to support what he believes to be right. I’m grateful he said his word on the White helmets.

    What do you like most in his music, Brianfujisan?


    Gawd. there is so much Tatyana

    My Main Man is Peter Gabriel

    But Floyd Echoes is Sublime –


    if you appreciate the art of body plastic, you may like this. It’s etnic fusion


    @Tatyana – I don’t eat meat or any other parts of dead animal. There’s a long history of opposition to vivisection and other cruel experiments on amimals (this is one reason I mentioned Lizzi Lind af Hageby), including experiments on rats. Much of my family was from Battersea: I was born anti-vivisectionist.


    well, I eat meat. I thought about it once.

    I believe that billions of billions of cells which lived here on this planet, developed and evolutioned to form a structure, that finally appeared to be my body – the memory, the experience, the culture and co-working mechanisms of these numerous cells must not be forgotten, non-trusted and betrayed.
    It’s like respect for the soldiers who died for me living now.

    I know that we are no longer lower animals and have brains (or rather, we differ from them in the more developed gray matter of the brain). But this structure of our organisms appeared relatively recently and its authority is, honestly, doubtful – look at what is going on in the world.

    I studied biology quite deeply, and I want to say that if you peer into the membrane of a cell and realize how enormous work has been done by evolution, so that a few molecules work together as a chemical plant producing complex processes. Yes, and encode this mechanism so that it can be archived, transported, and then deployed and reproduced in a new organism… Perharps you’d realise, how disrespectful and arrongant is the suppressing of their ‘delivery request’ for certain type of molecules.

    I do not support cruel experiments on animals or vivisection or anything of that kind. As soon as we find the way to grow meat in laboratories, I will eat artificial meat.


    Wow, What an Amazing Elastic Body..Thanks for sharing

    Reminded me a wee bit of This one –


    Cool! I think I’ve recognised capoeira movements and the “unite” message in the end. A bit foreign cultural code, but in whole I can catch it.


    “how disrespectful and arrogant is the suppressing of their ‘delivery request’ for certain type of molecules”

    Indeed. That attitude displays a deep respect for nature.

    However, those ‘delivery requests’ are to a large extent habituated, and they can be conditioned and trained. And humanity has an environmental emergency; the biosphere simply can’t supply as much food from animals as populations of developed places want, and which the market system therefore supplies. Our way of life is already unsustainable, and it certainly can’t be generalised to all of humanity.

    I’m not ideologically vegetarian or vegan, but I usually eat meat only about once every two weeks. I missed it at first but now it seems fine, but when I’m working on festival sites and thus living in a tent I find that I crave meat about once a day. I had all but given up dairy produce, until recently I started spending more time with, ironically, a vegetarian.

    Hummus and falafel are great.


    “…it’s a shame”

    Tatyana, your English is easily good enough to enjoy Gravity’s Rainbow in the original English, should you wish to.

    Although poetical and surreal, Gravity’s Rainbow is about the development of the V2 Nazi terror weapon that was the first viable rocket of the Space Race, and it is set in Europe at the end of World War Two; all the national borders were down so the whole area was just called “the Zone”. The USSR and the Western allies converged on Peenemünde, to where they had traced back the trajectory of the V2s.

    Basically, and in conformance with their respective ideologies, the Western allies got the Nazi officers of the missile teams (Operation Paperclip), whereas the USSR got the engineers. The USSR got the better end of that outcome!

    Th end of WWII in Europe was basically a race for the V2 technology, and it was all about nuclear weapons. From the bombing of Hiroshima onwards, the whole world knew that nuclear weapons were practical, but there was no commensurate delivery system; bomber aircraft are highly vulnerable to being shot down before they reach their target. So the superpowers desperately wanted ballistic missiles, and they recognised that the V2 was what they were looking for.
    – – – – – – –

    Ah yes, I had heard of the air leak in the ISS which turned out to be a small drilled hole. Some suspect sabotage, others a manufacturing error before the component was launched.


    I was surprised when I realised how important the keyboard player Richard Wright was to Pink Floyd. He did much of the arranging:

    This is why humanity must have a space programme.


    re. “The abuse of non-human animals in early space programmes was met with protest demonstrations in a number of countries.”

    I’ve came across a joke. Sorce is here

    Buzz Aldrin (the second man who set foot on the moon) joked about why Alan Shepard became the first American in space: “Actually,” he said, “they wanted to send a monkey, but a bunch of letters came to NASA in defense of animal rights, and in defense of Shepard not a single letter arrived. They sent him. ”


    “Disinformation for Hire” by Jeff John Roberts, published in the ‘Fortune’ September 30, 2019
    article summary:

    – a cyber-security company in Massachusetts called Recorded Future created a fake U.K. company
    – then it hired two Russian PR firms to wage information warfare on the company’s behalf
    – the range of services offered by the Russian PR firms is startling
    – the price to plant news articles in English-language media outlets includes
    Reuters: $8,360
    Wallpaper*: $8,404
    Mashable: $13,370
    Financial Times: $49,440
    – Recorded Future hides the identity of its analysts who engaged the Russian firms
    – director of analysts at Recorded Future is Roman Sannikov
    for more detail please read the source

    And, here is the article by Vladimir Kornilov analyzing the Fortune’s news:
    in russian

    – investigators do not name either the fake UK company they created, nor the companies they hired (to “protect their sources”) So, it’s impossible to check the story.
    Roman Sannikov‘s company has been providing Russian-English translation services in the US
    – he himself claims that he worked as a translator at the FBI for 20 years
    – he says he worked at CrowdStrike from January 2014 to September 2016 (it was CrowdStrike who accused russians of hacking DNC server)
    – he was a translator for some dignitaries, including former FBI director Robert Muller


    another interesting piece of info comes form the russian article by Roman Kretsul, Yuri Bogdanov and Michael Moshkin November 27, 2015

    Talking about the oil sold by ISIS, Alexander Frolov says:
    “Could it be tracked a year ago, two years ago? …our Western colleagues… accuse Turkey of profiting. I would like to ask: friends, didn’t you really know how it all looked? … Go to the ship-location sites and see, for example, an Ukrainian oil tanker approaching the territory controlled by militants. Do you believe she goes to enjoy the local landscape?”

    It made me think of ukrainian oil tankers, and Ukrainian oil and gas company, which paid big money to the son of a US vice-president, who demanded to fire Ukrainian prosecutor, and the desire of the new US President to investigate the case led to the impeachment proceedings.



    Yes Agree The Keyboards/ Piano arrangements of Richard Wright are Breath Taking .. ‘ Us and Them’ Too..almost everything really –

    Such Beautiful Music…So Emotionally So.

    Us (Us, us, us, us, us) and them (Them, them, them, them)
    And after all we’re only ordinary men
    Me (Me, me, me, me, me) and you (You, you, you, you, you)
    God only knows it’s not what we would choose to do
    “Forward” he cried from the rear
    And the front rank died
    And the general sat and the lines on the map
    Moved from side to side

    Black (Black, black, black, black) and blue (Blue, blue, blue, blue)
    And who knows which is which and who is who
    Up (Up, up, up, up, up) and down (Down, down, down, down)
    And in the end it’s only round and round, and round


    Ukrainian news report October 10, 2019
    “the United States arrested two businessmen who helped Rudi Giuliani to lobby the investigation into Joe Biden”
    source in ukrainian

    The two detained men are Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, they are accused of violating campaign finance rules (Donald Trump’s election campain).
    Ex-USSR; lived in Odessa, Ukraine; both are US citizens.
    Igor Kolomoisky claimed that they also came to Israel and asked him to help to meet new Ukrainian president Zelensky.
    Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman also lobbied for the dismissal of the US ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Jovanovic.

    Ukrainian Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko says that Marie Yovanovic gave him a do not prosecute list during their first meeting.
    source in english, The Hill

    “…Yuriy Lutsenko said he wanted to open an investigation into the likely Ukrainian interference in the 2016 elections. But he would have to “work out” the director of NABU Artyom Sytnik. He, on suspicion of Lutsenko, published information about secret money transfers of former Ukrainian leader Viktor Yanukovych to Paul Manafort to harm Trump. That is, he acted in the interests of Hillary Clinton.”
    But Sytnik was in the “do not prosecute list” handed to the ukraininan prosecutor by the US ambassador.
    source in russian


    As I see, US diplomats’ work is sometimes far from diplomatic duties 🙂 That is what I read in russian news on the protests in Moscow this August:

    … US mission in Russia published a detailed map showing the time, route and the places of meeting of the ‘protest march’

    … The senator (Andrey Klimov) noted that unauthorized actions in Moscow “wonderfully” fit into the plans of a private intelligence company that works in the interests of the US government.

    … Deutsche Welle directly called for participation in unauthorized actions… State Duma … Roskomnadzor … Prosecutor General … Foreign Ministry consider the issue of depriving Deutsche Welle of accreditation in Russia.

    Maria Zakharova (spokeperson for russian Foreign Office) :
    … Moscow and Beijing did a great job of analyzing relevant information materials … we see the hand of “one master” both in Russia and in China in the context of interference in internal affairs … our Western colleagues, especially the USA, and also the countries that we conventionally call ‘the collective West’, are behind this.

    ah, and I can’t go without an old joke on the top of it 🙂
    – Why is it impossible for a color revolution to happen in the USA?
    – Because there is no US embassy in the USA.


    Hello Tatyana, sorry I dropped out of the conversation; I’ve been with Extinction Rebellion in London:

    The General Discussion Thread


    today, October 13, Syria decides to stand against Turkey:
    “Syrian army will be deployed along the border with Turkey, to help Kurds to repel the attacks”
    So, Damascus is going to wage war with Turkey. I’m waiting for Putin’s statement, re. what will Russia do now.
    source in Russian is here (either translate it with on-line translation tool, or wait for RT to cover it for you in english)


    Hi, Clark.
    I’m too excited with todays news, Syrya is going to stand agains Turkey and it all can really break out into the wholescale military conflict with Russia involved into.


    Exiting developments in Northern Syria. Preliminary reports suggest that the SDF and the Syrian government have reached an agreement and that the Syrian army is moving into Kurdish areas to protect against the Turkish invasion. If this proves the case the long awaited peace in Syria will have materialised and regime change has failed.
    Amongst items discussed was that the SG will take custody of the Da’esh fighters and families that are prisoners of the SDF.
    Maybe there is method in Trump’s madness after all!


    The autonomous administration of the northeastern Syria officially announced on Sunday that it had reached an agreement with the Syrian authorities to deploy the Syrian army along the entire Syrian border with Turkey to help repel the attack of the Turkish army and pro-Turkish groups.
    Yasin Aktay, Adviser to the Turkish president, said that the Turkish army will fight back in case of a clash with the Syrian Army on the border of countries.

    Syria’s state TV reports that Assad’s army reached Tell-Tamr in the northwestern province of Haseke.
    Lebanese TV channel al-Mayadeen reports: the Syrian army entered Tabka in the province of Raqqa, which was previously controlled by the Kurds, and moves further north.

    russian ‘Admiral Makarov’ frigate tested Caliber rockets and anti-aircraft systems in the Eastern Mediterranean.
    She goes to Tartus (syrian seaport and russian navy base). The ship will be on a long voyage as part of the Mediterranean squadron by the end of the year.


    US congressman Brian Mast congratulates US Navy with the photo of russian battle ship 🙂

    Sometimes I think they do it on purpose. They cannot be really so stupid, can they?
    a lot of fun comments there, thank you tovarisch Mast!

    “Republican U.S. Rep. Brian Mast is joining Gov. Ron DeSantis in returning campaign cash from businessman Igor Fruman…”

    Brian Mast says he’ll return money from Giuliani associate facing federal charges

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