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Statcounter shows me that hundreds of people in the UK are coming to this site this morning after googling “Craig Murray”. I am not sure what prompted this. When I appear on TV or publish an article in the national press, that normally brings on a spate of a few dozen. This is much bigger. Anyone have any idea what might have sparked it?

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14 thoughts on “Craig Murray

  • dodoze

    “A few lies are starting to be spread to various websites and blogs” – Norfolk Bogger quoted in the June 6, 2009

    Norwich North Blog..

    Since there appears to be nothing in the media (try a Google search) I suspect it is a result of networking by the Greens….or perhaps the Nadira fan-club

  • Leo Davidson

    @John: They were anti-stupid-English, not anti-English.

    The people equating the two are doing exactly what they accuse Craig of doing while falling squarely into the former category (at least the “stupid” part).

  • Craig

    For the benefit of those new to this site, I criticised some English journalists at the Telegraph for a story that showed a total ignorance of Scottish geography.

  • MJ

    Perhaps it’s all your prospective political opponents and their assistants coming to find ammunition with which to shoot you down.

    I for one shall be minding my Ps and Qs until it’s all over.

  • Abe Rene

    I would guess that your decision to stand for MP on Norwich is being made better known.

  • tally

    Ian Gibson(scotsman) said his constituents were inbreeds and you say (scotsman)the English are stupid. another arrogant jock who wants an English seat?

  • Alan Partridge

    Right in both cases. What is your point? ~You must be one of those Countryside alliance straw-hat wearing grass chewing, toothless inbred clodhoppers. HL Mencken described the religious right after the Scopes trial “a carnival of backward buffoons resentful of modernity’s privileges” He could have been speaking about Norwich

  • richard

    Well I did mention on LibDem Voice that we might think of giving you a clear(er) run in Norwich, and maybe the extra readers there are seeing how acceptable you are.

  • Barrie

    I heard your name mentioned twice yesterday. Firstly, at Liberty’s 75th Anniversary Conference by Vivienne Westwood regarding your first book, which she seemed to have read. Secondly, on George Galloway’s TalkSport radio show re Norwich. Not sure if these would account for it.

  • tony_opmoc

    Well, you are a bit of a Crazy Diamond. Whilst everyone else is talking complete bollocks and bullshit about protecting their own little sad world….

    You stand up and Shout

    And Say No

    This is Not Acceptable

    I am not going to agree with regimes that allow Now in This New Millenium for People to Be Boiled Alive in a Cooking Pot.

    Which reminds me of a cartoon about cannibalism when I was a kid 50 years ago – which actually was incredibly racist

    And we have descended to that.

    And No one else even Complains

    The UK Government Says We Have Not Broken The Law

    Its a Morality Thing and I think we are disgusting as a society that there aren’t Thousands of Craig Murray’s Complaining and saying this is not acceptable

    I posted this yesterday on Alternet – a Website based in San Francisco

    RE: I think the poll is bull shit

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    Posted by: tony_opmoc on Jun 6, 2009 7:07 AM

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    Even in the UK – people run away from the issue of torture. They don’t want to know.

    Craig Murray appeared before the House of Commons to give evidence about UK Government complicity in Torture. I put his testimony up on Youtube.

    But not one Newspaper highlighted what he said – when it should have been Main Headline News.

    People visit his website – but virtually no one even wants to read or comment about Torture.

    I actually think English people have far more courage than Americans – yet even here no one gives a shit


    If YOU Personally Do Not Stand Up and Shout And Complain About The Torture You Have Lost All Rights

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    Posted by: tony_opmoc on Jun 6, 2009 6:46 AM

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    You Yourself can be arrested on any pretence – without committing any crime

    And You Yourself can be imprisoned without Charge – and Tortured For The Rest Of Your Life

    Sure it takes courage to complain

    But the Alternative is Far Worse


  • Chris Comley

    Craig, have a word with Wibbler and get him to add Google Analytics to your site. It’s quick and easy, and gives you access to reams of info about who is reading your site and why – i.e. direct hits, links, or search hits, and if search hits then what the search keywords were, etc. (It doesn’t tell you private info, e.g. you don’t get a list of visitors names or IP addresses, just a breakdown of where they come from, etc.)

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