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    There is an equivalent of RIA Novosty in English, called Sputnik news that has the same report—reports/


    Oops, I got those links back to front and I didn’t even mean to post them here in the first place. I was just using this thread to format my comment to post elsewhere. Sorry Tatyana.

    But since I have posted it here …. I was trying to contrast the policing of the two protests, and hence the government’s attitude to them. The contrast would be even more stark if you compared the BBC’s news coverage of them.

    I’m not sure who Extinction Rebellion claim to be rebelling against but it ain’t our government.


    it’s ok, Node. It’s general off-topic thread.
    Why is police so strict with the Extinction Rebellion?


    Why is police so strict with the Extinction Rebellion?

    It’s the other way round Tatanya, but I mixed up the links and confused you. The police are very tolerant of the Extinction Rebellion protesters, and so is BBC news coverage, which suggests that our government is in favour of it too.
    Why? No matter what your view on man-made climate change, it cannot be denied that powerful people are trying to use it as a means to impose global control over nations, through green taxes and legislation. These globalists have a strong influence in our government.


    Tatanya Tatyana … sorry again!


    Extinction Rebellion are rebelling against the toxic system everywhere; there were actions in capital cities all over the world. In Brussels, they were attacked with water cannon, tear gas and baton charges.

    “…global control over nations prevention of ecocide, through green taxes and legislation>”

    I can’t deny that such measures are needed, and much more besides. Are you opposed to international law, Node? Would you prefer cuts to the Public Sector?

    XR get on well with the Met, mostly. It’s the non-violence, see?


    “Why is police so strict with the Extinction Rebellion?”

    In London, they’re not; It’s the other way around…

    Members of Extinction Rebellion, some of whom call themselves “Arrestables”, block a road or an office building and, completely non-violently, simply ignore all requests to get out of the way. Police tell them to get out of the way or be arrested. The Arrestables don’t, so they get arrested. I think over 1300 were arrested over the last week.

    The police can only process them so fast, and there are only so many cells.

    It’s peaceful non-violent direct action. Civil disobedience. In what are usually immense road junctions stuffed furious with traffic, XR set up civil spaces with music, arts, performance, information, free food etc. There are discussion groups anyone can participate in; People’s Assemblies.

    It was that lunatic Roger Hallam’s idea; blame him:


    Node, Clark, thanks for explaining 🙂
    I’m concerned with ecology, the issue is slowly moving to the public attention in my counry. Ordinary citizens litle by litle learn to sort wastes. I see big bins for plastic in public places. And the most important, we have a civil movement “Чистомен” (like Superman, but Clearman) – enthusiasts clean places and share on the social media, others learn and follow the movementЧистомен/hot


    By the way, what is your opinion on Greta Tunberg?


    Russian defence ministry publishes the map of Nothern Syria, posiions on October 15, 17 p.m.
    Contact line between Syrian government forces and the Turkish army is patrolled by the Russian military police.
    Something’s cooking


    The scientists have been warning the politicians for decades. I think it is shameful that it requires a young teenager with Asperger’s syndrome to sit alone outside her parliament building before people would take the danger seriously. “Out of the mouths of babes”.


    I think I posted this in the wrong place.
    Very important developments are occurring in Syria. These may be the beginning of a recognition officially by the regime change conspirators that they have failed to achieve their goal but unwilling to admit it. Whether Trumps withdrawal from Syria was just an off the cuff policy or whether it was carefully planned, probably with the acquiesce of the Pentagon, but not necessarily other agencies, cannot be determined. That some planning has gone into it appears to be the case because the SAA seems to have been prepared to send troops at very short notice to the West Euphrates part of North Syria.
    Whilst all the pundits are wailing about the supposed fate of the Kurds, it is clear that they have been abandoned by the Allies as a lost cause. For any self determination of the Kurds to occur, the larger populations of Kurds in Turkey and Iraq have to be involved, not the smallest populations found in Syria. They were obviously used as a ploy to divide Syria.
    The main narrative in the BBC and other media is that the Kurds, with a bit of help from US, UK and France, beat back the Daesh hordes heroically. Although there is a truth in this, the role of Russia in first exposing the collusion between Daesh and Turkey which became obvious when Russia published the photos of long convoys of trucks from and to turkey to the ‘Caliphate’, and when they started to bomb these. It was at that point that the West decided to intervene and at one point the intervention seemed to be mainly to stop the foreword advance of the SAA and to prevent the Syria government from taking over the oil rich region of the east Euphrates.
    All of this has been erased from the narrative. It appears that now the tide might have finally turned. Whatever the reason for Trump’s actions in withdrawing from Syria, it seems to be the best thing he has done in his otherwise rather erratic actions.


    SA, maybe it is the best thing Mr. Trump has made, but he is always severely opposed by the US Congress, who made a resolution today condemning the withdrowal of US military from Syria. 354 votes vs 60, and only 4 congressmen withheld.
    It is the House of Representatives, the members are elected by ordinary citizens, I suppose. So it makes all the US citizens responsible.


    Noone is posting, so I’ll copy here the comment by Dungroanin. So much to discuss 🙂

    October 25, 2019 at 09:54

    1.DoJ going after the UK/Aus spooks who kicked of Trump/Russia conspiracy with criminal charges – is there a grand jury? Swamp monsters panicked further as Trumpzilla blows fire to ignite their gas.
    2. Day 3 of inaugural Russia-Africa summit at Sochi as 2 supersonic White Swans land in SOUTH AFRICA!
    So Putin goes from making peace with Erdogan in Syria a few days ago to chatting up Africa – nato tries to get in on the act of peace keeping on Syria/Turkey border … err… it’s done days ago thr nato donkeys ain’t needed! They should take their head chopper special forces and do one.
    3. (Tatyana may appreciate this?)
    The power of pelmeni :

    Facebook Bans Page Sharing Recipes of Russian Cuisine To Combat Kremlin Disinformation

    4. BBC making a Salisbury trauma mini-series – Duff /Spall and artistes should consider their reputations.
    5. MSM presstitutes are looking truly spent – their lined terrified faces and eyes a giveaway as an election looms – where will they get protection from their career of lies, if the Corbynites takeover and Leveson is set loose upon them?
    6. If Macron and the other banker nazgul in the EU bosom are nullified by the true EU defenders than the hard brexit by expiration of A50 is OFF.
    7. Hundreds of millions Chinese are mightily angry that their fellow countryfolk are being illegally and fatally transported like slaves. (Most can arrive as tourists and stay if they wanted – they are biggest spenders in Knightsbridge and travel as coach groups all over the world).
    8. I don’t know if I am elated or scared by the impending semi tomorrow when all other issues of humanity will pale into insignificance for 80 minutes of sport.


    Today in russian news

    Defense Department publishes space intelligence images of US oil smuggling from Syria

    “…Under the protection of American military personnel and employees of American PMCs, fuel trucks from the oil fields of Eastern Syria are being smuggled to other states. In the event of any attack on such a caravan, special operations forces and US military aviation are immediately attracted to protect it.” – (c)Igor Konashenkov

    “Oil export is handled by the US-controlled company Sadcab, created under the so-called Autonomous Administration of Eastern Syria, and the proceeds of smuggling go to the number accounts of US PMCs and special services.
    Major General added that now a barrel of smuggled Syrian oil is estimated at $ 38, so that the monthly revenue of US public services exceeds $ 30 million.”

    “For such a continuous financial flow, freed from control and taxes of the American state, the Pentagon and Langley leadership will be ready to guard and defend oil wells in Syria from the mythical “hidden cells of the Islamic State” endlessly.”

    michael norton

    Quite shocking, I suppose the Americans are selling the Syrian oil to the Turks?

    michael norton

    The American position in Syria is unclear, surely they can not both leave and stay.
    Trump claimed they were exiting Syria to re-camp in adjacent Iraq.
    Iraq is in turmoil and the Iraqi people do not want any Americans to stay in Iraq.
    We know that Turkey was purchasing oil from Islamic State in Syria.
    Is Trump wanting to take the place of Islamic State in stealing Syrian oil to sell to Turkey?


    Thanks for stopping by, Michael. Welcome 🙂

    I don’t know if the americans would sell oil to Turkey, I think they won’t tell us 🙂
    re. Iraq – another news in russian agency, just now

    “A convoy of American occupation forces entered the Haseke province of Syria, moving from Iraq, through the illegal al-Walid border crossing. It consists of dozens of military personnel and military equipment, and American helicopters cover the convoy” Syria TV reported.

    michael norton

    There is some talking going on in Baku

    Mikdad stressed that the terrorist war and the repeated aggression on Syria will not divert it from its inalienable right to fully restore the occupied Golan by all means guaranteed by international law and in accordance with the relevant UN resolutions, especially the UN Security Council Resolutions Nos. 242, 338 and 497 .

    He emphasized that Trump’s Declaration on the Golan does not change anything regarding the legal status of Golan; “it is a Syrian Arab land and will return to the Syrian national sovereignty sooner or later.”

    i fully agree that Israel has no rights over the Golan.
    They want it for several reasons, one if internationally accepted it would increase the size of Israel,
    two it allows them to get fresh water, three it allows them to spy and bomb its neighbours – Lebanon – Iraq and Syria,
    three there is untold Hydrocarbon wealth awaitng exploitation in the Golan.
    I am assuming that the Syrian War was encouraged by France, U.K., Saudi, Israel , Australia, Canada and U.S.A.

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