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“I couldn’t find the email from Iain Orr with your email. I don’t have a mobile.”

Thanks for the info; I haven’t heard back from Iain so I’ll try calling him this evening.

The police have already started arresting Extinction Rebellion. They raided the warehouse with the kitchen stuff and spare bedding etc., with a battering ram, no less. Ten arrested on “conspiring to cause a public nuisance”, which sounds about as serious as conspiring to walk on a cycle path. And apparently, we’re a conspiracy!

“Again you jump to conclusions…”

I didn’t mean that you personally had dismissed it. I meant you’d never heard of it because other hadn’t mentioned it, due to generalised assumptions that have spread throughout the Truth Movement. It’s called “confirmation bias” – our human minds tend to favour evidence that confirms what we and those around us already believe, and it has been demonstrated in numerous psychological experiments.

Blee was to do with the CIA’s Alec Station; I know of nothing tying him to Gladio B, but of course, that would be secret anyway. Try a search on “SecrecyKills”. He was an influential character in the background in the CIA; apparently an officer rather than an agent or an asset. His photo keeps cropping up with top CIA department directors and the like, but there’s very little information about him. But I think it was Blee who illegally stopped the reports that the alleged hijackers were in the US, which is why the FBI didn’t know until too late.