Norwich North Campaign Begins 54

We are now getting established in Norwich North. Our first leaflet is being printed. meeting rooms have been booked, an office and accommodation have been rented. Priority today is to sort out the internet and other communications.

There is still no definite date set for the by-election yet. I have been trying to hire empty shops to use as campaign centres, but the Conservative Party has in some cases got there first and been hiring them for two months – so they obviously expect an early election. But ii is the government which calls the date in this case. I still think July 23rd is most likely – New Labour are going to lose and it would be best to get the bad news out of the way before the summer. But Brown’s instinct is generally to procrastinate.

By law a minimum of only seventeen days notice has to be given for a by-election, so it could be sprung upon us any moment.

There is a genuine disgust at the political parties among the electors of Norwich North. There seems to be a public understanding that the expenses scandal is only a symptom of a party political system that is not functioning and not helping people.

I think we have a genuine opportunity to give the political establishment a real shock here. But I very much need help. We already have plenty of tasks for volunteers to campaign, we can accommodate people and it’s time now to come to Norwich and launch a radical assault on our rotten political system!

If you can come and help, call me on 07979 691085

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54 thoughts on “Norwich North Campaign Begins

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  • dundee student

    thanks Ingo

    i am sure it is a lovely city and regardless of my views on craigs time as our rectos i do hope the good people of Norwich end up with a better representative than some cash thieving labour MP.

    my own prference is for the greens but the electoral system will almost certainly produce a Tory

    grades were good thanks, i know what you mean about students having trouble finding work though, a lot of my friends are unemployed a year or two after graduating so in coparison i’m one of the lucky ones

  • Denim Justice

    Craig, can you please respond to the facts that you have done nothing in your capacity as Dundee Rector?

    How can you say you will serve the people of Norwich North if you can’t fulfil a few functions in your other role?

    How can you say you are an honest man when you left your wife and kids for a belly dancer less than half your age?

  • Ingo

    welldundee student, you do know Craig and do not like him for your own reasons, I on the other hand know

    Rupert Read, as well an academic who comes over as aloft, he has a vile temper and is not seen as particulary close, to students or constitutents.

    And thats not coming from me but froma stall halder on Norwich market.

    You castigate Craig for having other priortities than your graduation, but are prepared to vote blind for a Green that has not much to offer Norwich.

    Do you think thats an objective judgement?and can we digress therefore that your previous judgement was equally skewed?

  • Ingo

    denim justice, your taboidally challenged mind ought to realise that your third quote is very close to malicious slander, check your facts before you mouth off here.

  • Stevie

    Good luck with the campaign Craig,

    I’ll be coming down to help out where I can soon!

  • Frazer

    denim justice…if you had bothered to read Murder in Samarkand, all your questions would have been answered!

    Best way to get Craig to attend your graduation would have been to offer him a nice lunch with a decent bottle of vino…it normally works for me.

  • craig murray

    I went to all the graduation ceremonies in my first year and found that There is no role for the Rector ar graduation. You don’t make a speech or give out degrees. You are just one of several score people seated on a stage – I am flattered you noticed I was not there.

    The real job of Rector is to represent students on University Court. I have attended 85% of Court meetings. On occasions I have flown back from other continents to attend.

    Lorraine Kelly attended 5% of Court meetings, so don’t bullshit about how she represented students better. She also went to hust one graduation ceremony. I have been to four. You are talking complete nonsense.

    I have never received any communication from the SRC and never received notice of any meeting of the SRC. I went voluntarily to one meeting – again, one more than Lorraine Kelly. If someone has the grace to indorm me of a meeting, I will see if I can come.

  • Denim Justice

    Maybe Craig may have attended more Dundee meetings had there been young belly dancers in attendance?

    I think it’s amazing how those supporting Craig on this blog love to resort to negative attacks on other parties’ candidates. It’s bizarre how Craig thinks that just because the Tories are in pole position, only an independent candidate can win. Um, hello? Now you’re just splitting the vote between Labour, Greens, and Lib Dems, and Ian Gibson himself if he stands! I’m not saying this to say “you’ll let the Tories in”, just to point out how illogical your argument is!

    What have you already done for the people of Norwich North? What is your track record of serving constituents in a political capacity? How can you prove you will be an effective constituency MP? How do we know you won’t just run off with a wee young Norwich lass because you got bored of your current model?

  • Denim Justice

    This is all smacks of a vanity project. You can’t win, the people of NN don’t know who you are, if you’re trying to make a point about sleazy MPs it would help to run in an election where the MP was actually sleazy rather than just a bit nepotistic… are you really so bored of life that you want to humiliate yourself in such a fashion?

    Come on Craig… you’re a decent, outspoken guy. I think you’re an awesome public speaker, and have proven you are a brave man. So why the vanity project? You will end up like George Galloway, the only difference being he actually won his election.

  • ingo

    denim justice….. straight from your pants, how putrid and illogical.

    Sadly during election campaigns, one is very busy with walking and other physical activities so you might talk to yourselfs for a wee while.

    How much does denim justice get paid for his services here, the mind boggles

  • technicolour

    Denim thingy obviously hasn’t read the rather touching love story in Murder in Samarkand.

  • George Dutton

    My wife and I have just got back from the funeral of one of my wife’s friends. She had just got of hospital after a major operation. At the funeral a friend said to my wife…”Do you know what she died off” my wife said “no”…The friend said…”MRSA, the bastards”.

  • David Allen

    I am a lifelong Liberal Democrat, but I will support you in this byelection. My party has lost its moral compass. What it needs, to help it regain its principles, is a kick in the backside from your good self!

  • David Allen

    Here are some ideas for an A5 handout leaflet in case you find them useful.


    To: The Right Honourable Gordon Brown, David Cameron Esquire, and the Honourable Nicholas Clegg,

    We, the electors of Norwich, are not going to vote for ANY of your people again, until you:

    STOP the expenses fiddle

    STOP paying bankers multimillion-pound bonuses out of our public money

    STOP trying to kid the public about jobs, taxes, and phony promises

    START listening to people and taking notice of the things that matter to us

    We are going to



    Every vote will count!

    (two-line biography in smaller print to make the point that your career sacrifice shows you are the honest man)

  • ingo

    Thanks for the support David, do come along, we have got 22 days to pursuade the electorate.

    last night, Newsnight, was well informed of Craig’s standing in Norwich North via a press release, they did not even have the decency of putting him on the list of candidates.

    The local media is equally shy and we will have to do this all by ourselves.

    help is very much appreciated get in touch with us.

  • George Dutton

    Why the people of Norwich North should vote for an HONEST man and put Craig Murray into Parliament…

    “The Tory shadow cabinet contains 13 millionaires, and the party has just taken on a new treasurer, Crispin Odey, to boost City donations. Odey is a leading hedge fund manager, said to have made a fortune out of short-selling banks in last year’s crash.”

    “In reality, both Labour and the Tories are working hand in glove with finance capital to place the cost of the recession on the backs of working people and ensure that the financial aristocracy of the City continue to pocket their millions.”…

  • George Dutton

    “My wife and I have just got back from the funeral of one of my wife’s friends. She had just got of hospital after a major operation. At the funeral a friend said to my wife…”Do you know what she died off” my wife said “no”…The friend said…”MRSA, the bastards”…

    They are not as big as the maggots you will find in the houses of parliament.



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