Corrigan Brothers Give Campaign Song 37

We now have an official campaign song, kindly donated by the Corrigan Borthers. Here is their press release:

Corrigan Brothers have today granted Independent candidate for Norwich exclusive rights to use their MP EXPENSES SONG in his campaign. Craig has agreed to perform the song with the Brothers. Lead singer Ger Corrigan said today, we had originally offered to help pay back the expenses of any MP who agreed to sing a duet of the song with us. We have however received no offers from expense shamed MPs! After reading last Saturday’s Daily Telegraph supplement “The Complete Expense Files” we wholly endorse Craig’s campaign and are delighted that our song will assist in his victory. The last song we did for a politician , Mr Barack Obama (There’s no one as Irish as Barack O’bama) helped greatly in his election and we hope to perform at Craig’s inauguration like we did at President Obama’s”. Go Craig!

And here is their great song:

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37 thoughts on “Corrigan Brothers Give Campaign Song

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  • Richard

    Dear Craig

    Left off Newsnight buddy – utter, utter cocks. My moniker is Dick the Prick by the way but i’ve known you ever since I took the piss out of you on Dale about 8 months ago and immediately deleted that spat. I’ve been here lots as Richard. Good luck man – i’m not really in a position to help you now, but your next election in 10 months I fucking well will be. All the best bud


  • Strategist

    @Abe Rene

    Yes I can see nothing on the net saying Gibson is going to stand. The longer he leaves it, the less likely it is, I would have thought. That would fit with his odds lengthening.

    This of course wouldn’t stop Ladbrokes taking a bet off you. They would probably give you odds on Michael Jackson winning it too.

  • dreoilin

    “Left off Newsnight buddy – utter, utter cocks.”

    Last night? I saw that and thought I was losing my marbles.

    Not even mentioned as a candidate?!?

  • ingo

    yes I am loosing my marbles as well, because Newsnight was press released and informed of Craigs candidacy yesterday afternoon.

    There is a strong bias against Craig coming from all corners, because the race is so open, cRAIG IS IN WITH A CHANCE depending on the support we can get. 22 days to go, not a long time at all.

    All those considering to come and help, now would be a good time, we haveplenty of space in the ‘residency’.

  • ianjuggles

    If you’re ever in need of an alternate campaign song, you might want to consider the traditional hornpipe “THE RIGHTS OF MAN”. It became popular in the 1800s and is a reference to the popular treatise of the same name written in 1791 by Thomas Paine who just happened to be from Norfolk. It’s a wonderful tune.

    Good luck.

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