Corrigan Brothers Give Campaign Song 37

We now have an official campaign song, kindly donated by the Corrigan Borthers. Here is their press release:

Corrigan Brothers have today granted Independent candidate for Norwich exclusive rights to use their MP EXPENSES SONG in his campaign. Craig has agreed to perform the song with the Brothers. Lead singer Ger Corrigan said today, we had originally offered to help pay back the expenses of any MP who agreed to sing a duet of the song with us. We have however received no offers from expense shamed MPs! After reading last Saturday’s Daily Telegraph supplement “The Complete Expense Files” we wholly endorse Craig’s campaign and are delighted that our song will assist in his victory. The last song we did for a politician , Mr Barack Obama (There’s no one as Irish as Barack O’bama) helped greatly in his election and we hope to perform at Craig’s inauguration like we did at President Obama’s”. Go Craig!

And here is their great song:

37 thoughts on “Corrigan Brothers Give Campaign Song

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  • Strategist

    Great stuff.

    Craig Murray & the Corrigan Brothers: it’s a match made in heaven, an instant YouTube classic, an information age mega-phenomenon.

    All that’s needed now is a Green Goddess with externally mounted sound system, and this bandwagon is rolling!

  • james_rh


    Good on the Corrigans. I’ve wondered where the protesting musicians are when we need them – I guess they mostly got too rich and fat to be bothered – and too friendly with Tone!

  • mary

    So they are partly responsible for inflicting Obushma on us! The 2 million refugees from the Swat and the 700 innocent civilians who have been killed by drones in the region will not be so pleased.

  • George Laird

    dear Craig

    Well done for getting a song.

    I would want to use REM; its the end of the World as we know it.

    Yours sincerely

    George Laird

    The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

  • Anonymous

    This is off topi, but BNP…..

    surely the way to cause mayhem would be to indians, Pakistanis, Poles etc to becomming members of the BNP. Surely if the BNP stopped their membership, the government could remove their status?

  • lwtc247

    Yeah. I agree about the BNP suggestion. Hahahaha! Quality idea.

    Hey Craig. one of my comments was put in a span que ‘cos it contained 2 URL’s. Please unloblock it. Tq.

  • Anonymous

    I suppose it’s a boost for your campaign but personally I’d rather listen to cows farting.

  • Strategist

    Craig’s odds at Ladbrokes, courtesy of Jim Jay at the Daily Maybe:

    Conservatives 1/5

    Labour 9/2

    Greens 12/1

    Ian Gibson 14/1

    Craig Murray 33/1

    Liberal Democrats 33/1

    UKIP 100/1

    BNP 200/1

    Bill Holden 200/1

    Libertarian Party 500/1

    Note also Labour have selected a candidate: Chris Ostrowski,2009-06-28.

    He looks quite young; I have no information on his political views.

  • mary

    Thanks Strategist. Does this mean that Ian Gibson is standing as an Independent?

  • Strategist

    Mary, I believe we don’t know either way yet.

    I believe he was holding the threat of standing as an independent over the head of the regional Labour party’s shortlisting committee, to ensure that the local party got a fair choice of candidates. But that process has happened now, so I suppose he could make up his mind any time now.

  • Alan H Dale

    I’ve emailed your addresss as in today’s EDP, but your Stevie seems unwilling to oblige by forwarding to you.

    I’m campaigning against the stinking cesspoolss of ILLEGAL official and Greens’ and media propaganda on eco issues AND of the equally rotten official speed camera based road safety. Approximately 2,000 preventable fatalities on our roads are occurring annually since the virtual displacement of traditional police patrolling excellence since the early 1990s. I should like you to keenly examine my supportive material.

  • George Laird

    Dear Craig

    I hear that the Labour Party are bring in a London Carpetbagger to fight the seat.

    I hope this increases your chances as I hear ‘not local not here’ is the attitude.

    Keep plugging away mate night and day.

    Yours sincerely

    George Laird

    The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

  • Strategist

    Are you related to Alan A Dale of Robin Hood’s merry men fame? (I suppose you’ve heard that one before)

  • mary

    I have just put a comment on the Times article –

    Why didn’t you mention Craig Murray standing as an Independent candidate in Norwich North?

    It met with the response –

    Thank you for your comment. We cannot guarantee to publish all because of the high volume received.

    PS There were *9* comments when I submitted it!!

  • Mike Brown

    Question. I have been following JuryTeam since it was launched and would honestly like to discuss why you have rejected the idea of standing under their banner.

  • Abe Rene


    Ladbroke’s list shows odds for Ian Gibson (now 33/1, same as Craig and the Lib Dems). Isn’t it still uncertain whether he will stand at all?

  • Polo


    I get the same rubbish from The Times. It is totally illogical and is either due to technical incompetence or a very tight editorial policy. My bet is on the latter.

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