Appalling BBC Bias 52

The reason the political parties retain their iron grip on power, even when exposed to all as corrupt self-seekers, is that they have the ability, brutally, to grind down all opposition. Trying to stand against it is soul-destroying. I got two hours sleep last night. The Tories are bringing in over a hundred full time workers to the constituency. So far I have eight local part time volunteers, and myself.

BBC Newsnight last night ran a profile of all the candidates – but excluded me. I am truly shocked about it. We have delivered twelve thousand leaflets so far, taken two full page adverts in the local press, and announced and advertised in the media a series of six public meetings for which the halls are booked. Yesterday we had sent a press release specifically to Newsnight. And Michael Crick, who did the Newsnight report, certainly knows I am standing:

So do the bookies, where I am ahead of the Lib Dems and the Greens in the odds – but still very worth a flutter.

Martin Bell has commented “It is very wrong that Craig Murray was not featured on Newsnight. He is a serious candidate, and serious independents must be given fair coverage by the media alongside the major political parties.”

I truly think that Newsnight’s behaviour is outrageous.

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52 thoughts on “Appalling BBC Bias

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  • David Allen


    You’re a declared candidate if you have done anything that makes it clear to the public that you are a candidate. So you pass that test.

    The BBC aren’t legally obliged to give all declared candidates equal mention, but they are obliged to give them some mention. Hence that little list that Newsnight showed at the end of their piece, which contained Bill Holden’s name for example, but not yours. They got that wrong.

    I doubt whether they got it wrong maliciously, they were probably just being incompetent. However, you’re entitled to demand a correction. It’s probably worth you doing so. Just try to make sure it isn’t Paxo wearing his “infinitely bored” expression and grinding the words out between his gritted teeth!

  • George Laird

    Dear Craig

    I am not surprised that you are not getting fair treatment.

    It is what I expected as the BBC isn’t impartial in my opinion.

    If you win I would use an interview to highlight the disgraceful treatment of yourself and others.

    Keep plugging mate and good luck.

    Yours sincerely

    George Laird

    The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

  • Vronsky

    Frazer @2:13 above has got it right. Be outrageous. If you think they’re squeezing you out, make the story they can’t refuse.

    I remember a conversation a few years back with an SNP activist from way up north. The local press ignored them, didn’t print their releases, they didn’t exist. So they started making outrageous (but defensible) statements – and they got the coverage. His motto: the only page we can get is the front page.

    Your asset is that you have a thousand outrageous things to say about the British (Lab/Lib/Tory) government – and they’re all true.

    So fix bayonets! No prisoners! Aim at that front page, and charge!

  • Abe Rene

    One hypothetical example of an action likely to get you the front page: to get some sufferers from chronic pain who use cannabis for pain relief and have them light up in public as part of your campaign to have the substance de-criminalised provided it is done under a physician’s supervision. Also to get some students to join you with the promise of free beer, and give out the beer yourself by way of being an Honest Politician.

    Now remember, all this is hypothetical, and I do not encourage anyone to break the law. If you end up before the magistrates it’s your own lookout.

  • Abe Rene

    PS. On second thoughts, I take it back. I just remembered that ‘treating’ voters is illegal, so you can’t give anyone free beer. I wouldn’t encourage chronic pain sufferers to risk a jail sentence by disclosing their illegal possession of cannabis, either.

  • paul

    Didnt you know, the only way to get rid of a Labour MP is to vote Conservative and vice versa. Those other names on the ballot are just to fill the page up for aesthetic reasons.

  • glenn

    A BBC mention at last : BBC Radio-4 on the PM news programme (17:00-18:00 weekdays) mentioned (albeit as a near afterthought) that “…The former ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray” was also standing in the by-election. Nothing more than that, unfortunately.

  • Craig

    Yes. Interestingly last week a journalist from PM called and asked it they could interview me yesterday in Norwich. I agreed, and they said they would be in touch, but never were.

  • Abe Rene


    Maybe it’s time to be pro-active and prepare people who bring any such proposal for Establishment pressure, so as to reduce its impact and give the proposal a chance of survival.

  • Tom Kennedy

    It’s obvious that the Establishment has directed the BBC minions to ignore you Craig. That’s simultaneously a compliment, an obstacle and a disgrace. The same tactic was used in the US Presidentials against Ron Paul. He was deliberately ignored: he didn’t exist.

    How to counter this? You could perhaps try and turn it to your advantage by advertising yourself as “The man the BBC is afraid to talk about”.

    The overall strategy you’re following is, I think, correct: you need an active grassroots campaign with lots of feet on the ground to spread the word. You have to reach more people than the other candidates but without a huge party machine to organise and pay for it. The Internet is the obvious organising tool. Ron Paul understood this but wasn’t as successful as Obama in harnessing it. You also have, I imagine, better access to university students than most – there must be some way you can draw on their energy and enthusiasm. Not to mention the fact that many will not have summer jobs this year and will have more free time than usual…

  • Jon

    I’ve just posted on the same thread, as ‘saferworld’ – providing it passes Green Dam (cough) I mean the moderation process.

    I’ve challenged Michael Crick to do the decent thing, and to reverse their subconscious bias against ‘troublemakers’ and ‘mavericks’. He can start off, I suggest, with a blog post, and go on to organise a spot on Newsnight, to apologise for the dreadful omission in the first place.

  • JB

    The BBC is up the establishment’s arse. Always have been, always will be. The day we see its downfall can’t come too soon.

    I’m all for public services, but I refuse to pay for a constant barrage of establishment propaganda and for the piss to be taken out of ordinary working people. Screw the BBC.

  • Ruth

    Craig, it should have been quite obvious to you that the BBC would ignore you. The last person the unelected permanent government would want in parliament is a person like you who would fight for openness, honesty and people’s rights.

  • Ruth

    Craig, it should have been quite obvious to you that the BBC would ignore you. The last person the unelected permanent government would want in parliament is a person like you who would fight for openness, honesty and people’s rights.

  • Tom Kennedy

    Craig, have you read much Noam Chomsky? If you haven’t already read his “Necessary Illusions” then I recommend you get a copy. Check out Chapter III – The Bounds of The Expressible to get some perspective on why you have been ignored by not only the BBC, but also by the Guardian and other newspapers of record or supposedly left-leaning publications.

    The only thing that surprises me about the situation you’re in is that you and others find it surprising. As has already been pointed out, Martin Bell was never a maverick, he was the Establishment’s maverick. What has he achieved? What has he ever said to set Parliament on fire? That’s why he got publicity and you’re not getting any.

  • Frazer

    Hi pal..

    Got on the internet yesterday to Ladbrookes and put 50 quid on your winning ….at the current odds, if you do I will split 50/50 with you…go get em !

  • James

    I’m tempted to take bets at 2-1 to anyone who thinks Craig’s campaign will get into double figures. I mean, in Blackburn, even against the vile Straw, he got just 5%, less than the BNP.

  • Duncan McFarlane

    This makes the BBC look like a puppet of the government again, just as with the Gilligan/Kelly affair. They’re not doing themselves any favours

  • Doug Murphy

    Craig – good to see you standing as a candidate in the by-election. Best of luck ! Doug

  • Bob Rubner

    You won’t get much sense out of local BBC either. Look East is now an utter joke.

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