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8 thoughts on “Rectoring Again

  • grogipher

    Just don't try to protest eh?

    The way the Police treated the protesters at the State Opening of Parliament was deplorable, if I'm perfectly honest. You'd think they'd learn after last time, when they were as heavy handed, and then had to issue a formal apology afterwards! I still think that it's absolutely deplorable that our freedom of speech should be effectively removed again. It really shouldn't be allowed to continue, what kind of precedence does that set? The police can break any law they like, just as long as they apologise afterwards? Freedom of Speech should mean that, not the right to stand in a sheep pen that your banner doesn't fit in.

    (Sorry for the mainly off topic rant, but I know that you're interested in corruption and politics and human rights, and this falls into those three categories!)

  • Chuck Unsworth

    Craig, while you're at it you might care to do a little Hectoring – of some of your colleagues at Court.

  • ChoamNomsky

    "Just don't try to protest eh?"

    The police seem to have the misconception that their job is to shield the government from embarrassment. It's a complete misuse of the police force.

  • grogipher

    We weren't trying to embarass the government though, that's the thing.. Our banner was advocating something that's official Scottish Executive policy! It appears that the consensus was "you're allowed to express yourself, but not anywhere the Queen can see you"

  • PhilPalmer

    Craig, as Rector, will you be inviting the Queen into your rectum? I ask because Sir Robert Muldoon, then ex-Prime Minister of New Zealand made a controversial trip to South Africa in the apartheid era during which he visited the Rector of a South African university (Johannesburg?) and discussed current affairs with him in his private office. Muldoon later informed delighted news reporters that he had held a long conversation in the man's rectum. "No, no, that's what it is called," he insisted.

  • Craig


    No. I didn't have the pleasure! In fact, you will probably not be shcoked to hear that, despite being Rector of the University, I wasn't introduced to or let near the Queen at'all. There are some elected offices which the government hasn't yet found a way to avoid being elected, but which nonetheless they can marginalise.

  • grogipher

    Yeah, I did note in the telegraph that the Chancellor and the Principal were mentioned, but no such honour for our elected representative.. is there anything we (as a student body) can tak to put the rector in the driving seat of the University Court (as is the case with every other Rector in Scotland), or can the decision only be made by the Court itself?

  • Craig


    Nothing can be done internally at the minute, but I have set in motion a cunning plan, on which I will need assistance later in the year!

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