Criminal investigation starts over deleted CIA torture tapes 2

From BBC online

The US justice department is to launch a criminal investigation into the CIA’s erasing of videotapes of interrogations of two al-Qaeda suspects.

It follows last month’s preliminary joint inquiry with the CIA into whether a full investigation was necessary.

Critics have accused the CIA of a cover-up to hide evidence of possible torture and abuse of detainees.

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2 thoughts on “Criminal investigation starts over deleted CIA torture tapes

  • Strategist

    Happy New Year Andrew (& Craig!)

    Thanks for your good work in 07, hope you can keep it up in 08!

    Any strategic thoughts on 2008, what you are hoping to focus on? Or any successes activists might be able to achieve this year, if we channel our energy well?

  • Friend

    Hi Strategist,

    Me thinks Craig is busy in theatre land right now but it will be interesting to hear what his thoughts are on this.


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