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2 thoughts on “Uzbekistan’s non-election

  • ChoamNomsky

    This is not linked to your post, but as a bit of an expert on water legalities, the BBC's Top news story right now should interest you.

    Iran boats 'threatened US ships'

    It's all from the US point of view of course and seems to be based on anonymous officials. Where were the ships? Did they stray into Iranian waters? There are many questions and the BBC should be treating it all with suspicion rather than just participating in propaganda which is aimed at manufacturing consent for a war.

  • maryb

    This is also not relevant to this post but just to say that I left a comment on the above to say that I thought it was a patronising comment about you, that if he had half your courage to have dealt with terror and intimidation abroad and here at home, he would be a lucky man and that perhaps he envied you your girlfriend! I am looking forward to seeing the item tonight on Newsnight if they have time between making incorrect forecasts on the American caucus results.

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