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Noone is posting, so I’ll copy here the comment by Dungroanin. So much to discuss 🙂

October 25, 2019 at 09:54

1.DoJ going after the UK/Aus spooks who kicked of Trump/Russia conspiracy with criminal charges – is there a grand jury? Swamp monsters panicked further as Trumpzilla blows fire to ignite their gas.
2. Day 3 of inaugural Russia-Africa summit at Sochi as 2 supersonic White Swans land in SOUTH AFRICA!
So Putin goes from making peace with Erdogan in Syria a few days ago to chatting up Africa – nato tries to get in on the act of peace keeping on Syria/Turkey border … err… it’s done days ago thr nato donkeys ain’t needed! They should take their head chopper special forces and do one.
3. (Tatyana may appreciate this?)
The power of pelmeni :

Facebook Bans Page Sharing Recipes of Russian Cuisine To Combat Kremlin Disinformation

4. BBC making a Salisbury trauma mini-series – Duff /Spall and artistes should consider their reputations.
5. MSM presstitutes are looking truly spent – their lined terrified faces and eyes a giveaway as an election looms – where will they get protection from their career of lies, if the Corbynites takeover and Leveson is set loose upon them?
6. If Macron and the other banker nazgul in the EU bosom are nullified by the true EU defenders than the hard brexit by expiration of A50 is OFF.
7. Hundreds of millions Chinese are mightily angry that their fellow countryfolk are being illegally and fatally transported like slaves. (Most can arrive as tourists and stay if they wanted – they are biggest spenders in Knightsbridge and travel as coach groups all over the world).
8. I don’t know if I am elated or scared by the impending semi tomorrow when all other issues of humanity will pale into insignificance for 80 minutes of sport.