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“The overall policy appears to have been designed to remove the Kurds…”

Yes. While in London with XR a friend and I joined the pro-Rojava protest. It was very well attended.

“…the YPG, essentially allied to the PKK which is classified as a terrorist organization by US and Turkey and EU, have been whitewashed and relabeled as the SDF to be utilized for this task of getting rid of Da’esh”

Yes; this is a familiar pattern. The term “terrorist” is entirely fluid; if some relatively informal fighting group called party A does something that is useful to national power party B, party B call them “freedom fighters” or “rebels”, but when party A does something contrary, party B call them “terrorists”. The US is the worst offender, but other states aren’t above such behaviour.

“This declaration bring to the minds the operation through which the US administration killed leader of al-Qaeda terrorist organization Osama Bin Laden who had been used by the US in Afghanistan, and when his mission finished, the US killed him burying the secrets of his relation with Washington with him.”

This too is a pattern; cooperation and exploitation followed by betrayal. If only people would learn from history, but ironically, the resentment it provokes just inspires further martyrs.