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The Powers, AKA the ¨Realm¨, The Deep Lobbying State incorporating the MSM will be desperately working overtime to:
Pressure this regional Coroner to toe the official line.
Limit the scope of the Coroner´s investigation.
Find State friendly experts to counter the evidence so far, including that 4 of 5 victims of a supposedly acutely virulent, deadly nerve agent rose from their beds and walked out of their hospitals within a short period of days.
Submit or relay secret evidence into the proceedings.
Come up with distracting new anything to smoke screen the public when the verdict is announced.
De-bunk the premise that an inconclusive verdict weakens the case against the Russians-did-it narrative.
Delay the inquest further.

Where are the Skripals? Why haven´t they been allowed to contact their friends, fiance or family? What are they not allowed to say?
How did the Skripals leave their deadly nerve agent contaminated house on Sunday morning, drive to town, go feed ducks, eat pizza at a restaurant, have drinks down the pub, walk to a bench before succumbing simultaneously to said agent?
Why did the Skripal case, taken samples come back from the OPCW lab with such notably unadulterated levels of nerve agent when the victims themselves were alive and quickly well.
Where was the bottle that contaminated the Sturgesses between the two incidents? If it was in the rubbish or in a drop off bin, how was that receptacle not cleared in those weeks?
Why was that bottle sealed when found, if it had been used once before on the Skripals?
Why was the Sturgess perfume bottle not noticed in the police search of their house when it was later found in plain sight in the kitchen?

No wonder they have delayed or dispensed with a court hearing which requires public airing of proper facts and evidence.