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John Pretty

First of all: a great many thanks for taking the trouble to read my theory. I am not sticking rigidly to it, just trying to get it out there for people to think about.

y thesis is that the British government have cynically exploited this incident in order to demonise Russia. I do not believe that the Russian government had anything to do with it.

Regarding the tracheostomy. I disagree. Nerve agents will also paralyse the heart. So oxygen administration may not be enough anyway. And I would respectfully suggest that without the ability for the chest to expand and collapse in the usual way simply pumping oxygen into the lungs will be ineffective. The body also has to expel CO2 when you breathe out.

Furthermore, nerve agents do not block airways, so a tube could just be put down the throat. Though as I say, I question whether it would be effective anyway.

Nerve agent poisoning is extremely rare. These chemicals are illegal. And the antidote is the immediate administering of drugs to neutralise the agent. I have a degree in chemistry SA. I have some knowledge of biochemical processes.

I’m not saying this was an honour killing! I’m saying she may have acted entirely alone. I’m suggesting that it could have been a crime of passion – an attempted suicide and murder – carried out by a woman who had suffered the ignominy of being the daughter of a disgraced army officer and who was brokenhearted at the loss of not only her mother, but also her brother – both of whom are buried in Salisbury. People will commit suicide without even leaving a note.

Your point about the grandmother may be a valid one, but I’m not sure that would have prevented her. Suicidal people do not usually consider the feelings of all of their relatives.

As I’ve said, my thesis is that the British government have cynically exploited this incident in order to demonise Russia.

As I’ve also said, the presence of the chief army officer at the scene not long after the poisoning suggests that the British military were following the Skripals. I would think that might be normal procedure.

I am not aware of the other death of a Russian. Perhaps you could tell me more about that.

Thank you.