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Paul Barbara

@ SA December 30, 2019 at 06:35
I don’t know how to break this to you, but Wikipedia is known as a dodgy site. Ever heard of ‘Philip Cross’? I should think so, because he has been discussed on these Blogs many times.
Wikipedia Fraud EXPOSED: Troll farms and the CIA have hijacked the once open platform

Jeffrey’s Take: The Philippines approves Golden Rice—A disaster waiting to happen

‘One example is in Southern Africa. I spoke to a former Monsanto scientist who was aware that when rats were fed Monsanto’s GM corn, it damaged the rats and Monsanto simply rewrote the study to hide the effects. He was shocked.
He said he was concerned because the amount of corn that the rats ate, which was probably a maximum of 33% and only for 90 days, was a fraction of what’s eaten as a staple in Southern Africa. What would be the impact of them eating it three times a day every day throughout their lives?
Well, I spoke to a veterinarian in the US whose client was a farmer in South Africa, and this is reported in the movie Genetic Roulette, and I’ll just say briefly that his farmworkers were suffering from serious symptoms and very frequent deaths when they were eating the genetically engineered corn three times a day that was grown on his property.
No one put it together, but his animals were suffering until he switched to non-GMO corn at the advice of the veterinarian, and the animal’s health got better and the farmworkers got better. Until he ran out of the corn and both the animals and the farmworkers had to then get corn from the marketplace. Both ended up suffering again until non-GMO corn was secured year-round.
That’s an anecdotal story, but it’s about the canaries in the coal mine – the few people in the world that were eating more genetically engineered corn than anyone on the planet.
Here we have the staple of parts of Asia, genetically engineered. Very bad idea. It’s being reviewed now by Bangladesh and at some other point, I’ll share with you how they have lied about the success of the genetically engineered eggplant in Bangladesh, paving the way to approve the genetically engineered golden rice as well.
It is very unfortunate and I wish that this information could get to the light. Please share this.
Safe eating.’

And here is a case where the creator of GMO potatoes now denounces them, although a number of countries have legalised them:
The Creator of GMO Potatoes Reveals The Dangerous Truth – Exclusive Interview

I do not agree with a lot of stuff on Natural News, but then again, I do not agree with almost anything on our MSM, with good cause – they lie, spin, ignore and promote wars based on lies.

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