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First an apology what I wrote about Wikipedia was tongue in cheek as it was followed by “however more seriously”. As a frequenter if these pages I am fully aware of the ‘limitations’ of Wikipedia especially in political or controversial matters. It is good on other areas.
But I hope I have answered you on whooping cough and you are now convinced.
As to GM foods I am totally against them not nescessarily only on scientific grounds but on ideological economic and political grounds. The purpose of many HMG foods is to introduce a roundup resistant gene so you can swamp crops with Glyphosate. For me Glyphosate is an abomination. The very idea of using herbicides is crazy. Mono cultures are probably responsible for reductions in insect populations and also through toxicity. To create a monopoly in crops with devastating effects on local tradition farming as seen in India is a criminal catastrophe. And so on. So in this one I am with you.