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Kim Sanders-Fisher

The CAA cannot be trusted at all with an impartial investigation of anything as their lead person, Head of Political and Government Investigations, Joe Glasman, has clearly demonstrated and articulated his personal obsessive Zionist bias. This is a no win situation for Labour; it is designed to purge the party of all progressive left wing elements and present a no choice option to the electorate at any future token elections. Redrawing constituency boundaries will skew future votes and requiring voter ID will disenfranchise millions of the poorest most vulnerable people in the UK. Absolute control of our media, the judiciary and our military will keep the fascists in power for decades: sadly that is our dismal future.

In many instances Labour were their own worst enemy, as valid law suits for libel could have easily shut many of the spurious attacks down in an instant. There was never enough evidence to conclusively prove any of the totally unfounded cases of anti-Semitism in a court of law. Unfortunately, these cases never came to court; Labour and Jeremy Corbyn were unfairly tried in the media, declared guilty and demonized by the full power of the state’s most powerful propaganda juggernaut the BBC. That said it does not make the demonization justified and it certainly was not in the best interests of the British electorate who were so cruelly duped by blatant media lies.

Overturning this rigged election result would send a very clear message that no one, MP, Lord or PM, is above the law. It would establish proper credible standards of oversight and reliability in our democratic process. It would eliminate the use of lies, fake news and shallow undeliverable promises repeated with impunity by deceiptful politicians, It would enshrine the principal that obscene amounts of money could no longer be used to manipulate and corrupt our UK democracy. It would established the full unfettered independence of the UK as a totally autonomous world power free of the influences of more aggressive dominant or wealthy rogue states. Is that worth the fight? I think so.

It will be too late to try and protect the homeless when they are cleared from our streets as criminals and jailed for the offence of becoming destitute. It will be too late to protect foreign migrants when they become a legitimate target for persecution and removal. It will be too late to strike when strikes are outlawed as illegal in most instances. It will be too late to protest when riot police and the army are sent in to subjugate the people using tear gas, water cannons and violence. We are fighting the onslaught of fascism; it is time t take this threat very seriously.