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I have posted previously on the so-called Islamic Jihad Union, which appears to be a creation of the Uzbek Security Services and the CIA, and the extraordinary claims that it was responsible for a plot to blow up a US airbase as well as bars and nightclubs in Germany.,3604,1595387,00.html

A recent ARD documentary further unpicked this story. For example German prosecutors have said that the group bought bomb-making equipment (tape, batteries and a watch) from a garage store. The documentary makers contacted the store, who checked their till receipts and found that they had sold none of those items on the given day.

We now have vital confirmation that the only link between the three alleged terrorists and the “Islamic Jihad Union” is an allegation from the CIA. Thanks to the excellent Moon of Alabama for picking up on this vital interview:

The leader of the Islamic terror research group of Germany’s internal intelligence service, Benno Koepfer, thinks the above is wrong. There is no IJU. Here is an interview published today in the German daily TAZ (my slightly shortened translation):

TAZ: Were the three bomb-builders backed by the Islamic Jihad Union?

BK: I doubt that these three were working on orders by some fixed organization named Islamic Jihad Union.

TAZ: The IJU claimed responsibility for the actions of those three.

BK: There are many indication that such claims on Internet sites were done by some free loaders. There was only public information in these claims.

TAZ: What about the supposed 2004 assaults by the group in Uzbekistan?

BK: Uzbekistan does not have a free press. It is hard to verify what really happened in Uzbekistan.

TAZ: Where is the origin of the earlier assumption that the bomb builders are related to the IJU?

BK: Those were informations from U.S. intelligence services.

TAZ: Could the IJU be an invention of western intelligence services?

BK: I will not speculate about that.

TAZ: Can you voice these doubts without problems?

BK: Yes. It is important to tell the public that there are such doubts. If it would surface three years from now that IJU never existed, it would be more troublesome for the intelligence services.

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3 thoughts on “Islamic Jihad Union

  • Felix


    Have you seen this article about Eurasia and the SCO, and Uzbekistan and Karimov, moving a2way from US influence? What are you thoughts about this piece?

    Congratulations on getting your blog up and running again, btw.


  • Boss

    In the current climate of markets in fear, trepidations, and scaring the dickens out of the punters, it should come as no surprise to find any self respecting scoundrel, and fraudster using a construct to eliminate any and all dissensions, and or oppositions, in an expeditious fashion, albeit brutal, and inhumane, while appearing to be on the right side of the current events.

    Hence, it should come as no surprise to find the IJU (hopefully this union does not practice closed shop, and secondary picketing, without properly balloting their members) is being used not only by the Uzbek Mafia, but also by Frau Ferkel's (Ms Piggy) apparatchiks too (as Merkel's mask slips, so the German's find new levels, and higher measures of esteem and respect for her, hence the title).

    Further, the latest AP release of surveillance tapes gathered, and presented in evidence in the trials of 'al Qaeda' members in Miami courts, clearly sets the high bar of standards of proof required to accuse anyone and everyone, of being witches I mean 'Islamic terrorists'.

    Raw Surveillance; Taking the al-Qaida oath

    NB (this is a propaganda site, pay little attention to 'leak', however just read some of the comments, if you are bored, and in need of a good laugh)

    Hence the evident lack of traction for the narrative regarding the appalling cases of torture, and endemic abuse of the rights' of Uzbeks under their current leadership arrangements.

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