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Kim Sanders-Fisher

Saticon – All of your posts came to my email address for moderation. Unfortunately, I have not touched my blog for rather a long time, so long that I have even forgotten my password so I could not gain access to approve your posts. In reality the important information you sent would languish in neglect on my obscure medical whistleblower blog. I have cut and pasted all the info you sent into a file where I can review the data.

It would be far more topical and useful to post all of your data here on this forum where others who are trying to crunch the numbers and make some sense of this debacle can share your findings. Ross has also been uncovering relevant facts about the vote so he could benefit from the information you shared with me. It will undoubtedly contribute to all of our efforts to expose the truth, so thank you for sharing.

I have found a new person at the Electoral Commission to pester with awkward questions. I hope he is as prompt with his replies as the first person I spoke to. If he reveals any important nuggets I will share them with you all here.