American and Israeli Religious Nutters: Loving Each Other to Hell 233

You really do need to watch all of this video from the Christian Broadcasting Network:

A couple of years ago, while giving a lecture at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, I was astonished when a lecturer told me that half of his students would agree with the proposition that a war in the Middle East would lead to Armageddon, and that would be a good thing. In Ann Arbor, bot the Deep South.

The extent to which US support for Israel is driven by these christian violent religious extremists should not be underestimated. They are a major force in US politics.

The extraordinary thig is that violent religious extremists in both the US and Israel look forward to fighting sude by side against the forces of evil in the Last Battle in the Middle East, yet extremist jews and extremist christians each also believe that at the climax, when the world ends, their cherished allies will go to Hell with their enemies.

It is of course the American christians who are the most destructive violent religious extremists in the world.

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233 thoughts on “American and Israeli Religious Nutters: Loving Each Other to Hell

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  • Steelback

    Jon, Clark, and Robinson

    Please do as Apostate tells you and fuck off!

    I agree with what has been said re-people like you being painfully boring. The painfully low level to which you would like to reduce debate defies belief.

    Apostate puts your education at GCSE level. I’d rate it worse than that.

    How did you do at SATs?

    You have not added one iota to our human stock of knowledge on any thread to which you’ve contributed.

    I doubt you even remember what this thread was originally about.

    Do us all a favour a take a hike!

    From all the “multiple personality” comment boarders here we wish you well!

    Well, we wish you’d fall down a well anyway!

  • Jon

    Steelback et al – I don’t think SATs were introduced when I was at the requisite age, but I do have a first class degree in Computer Science, with honours. I write better than you do, I argue better than you do, and I am a great deal more civil.

    You won’t answer simple questions nor treat your opponents with respect, but so be it; I will now not waste any more energy trying to reason with you, or try to understand the causes of your racism. I do hope in time you can be persuaded to reduce your anger through other means.

  • Jon

    @Suhayl – said hi to the Ure today for you, at Aysgarth Falls, and took pictures. From my campsite now, I can’t hear any background car traffic at all – just the occasional cry of a bird, and the purr of the refrigerator.

    A peaceful night to all.

  • Richard Robinson

    Jon – “I write better than you do, I argue better than you do, and I am a great deal more civil.”

    That’s about it, and good luck to you.

    Fair answer to my question, though; it’s not an accident. *shrug*. I’ll fuck off or not, at my own pleasure.

    I wanna killfile.

  • Freeborn


    Ist Class Computer Science?

    You bloody nerd!

    Now I really do wonder re-your defiency in social skills.

    If I had one of those I’d keep schtum.

    Especially when you’re purporting to know something re-how the world works.

    I think we’ve all worked out that you’ve convinced yourself that contributing on matters of moment with people who think about such matters is a matter simply of bull-shitting your way through.

    As was said earlier you are not at the races.

    Dishing out specious charges of “anti-semitism”, homophobia and psychological deficiencies against your opponents is simply never going to pass muster in lieu of engaging with the issues.

    You and Robinson are know-nothings and have precisely zero to contribute.

    Have you a view on the point made re-Zionist infiltration of right wing Christian groups?

    No, you’re far more comfortable pretending you have some kind of monopoly on the moral high ground.

    In other words you’re so full of your own inadequacies you think attaining this position of eminence is your first priority.

    Neither of you can ever be of any help to the cause of anti-Zionism whatever.

    You’ve got nothing to say of any relevance whatever.

    Now please clear off-I’ve got more important things to do today than help you overcome your delusions of adequacy.

    How about you guys reading some primer like Emmett’s Learning To Philosophize?

    It could save you much embarrassment in the future.

    The game’s up guys you’re shit and you know you are!

  • Apostate


    “I write better than you do!”

    “I’ve got a 1st class with honours!”

    Did you really say both those things.

    Just incredible!

    How old are you,man?

    You clearly have a chip re-your patent intellectual inferiority.

    You’ve compounded the original felony of trying to ram your socialist politics down other people’s throats by talking re-your qualifications and achievements.

    Have you no shame at all?

    These things are just not done in polite society!

    Look, I was talking to a trainee teacher the other day who told me she had a 1st in Sociology. She was in a brass band and had written a thesis on the social dynamics of her bloody brass band!

    She had never heard of Emile Durkheim! The founding father of modern sociology did not register on her radar.

    A 1st class degree today like most other qualifications isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.

    Haven’t you heard of grade inflation,man?

    To convince us that our educational standards were improving at all levels across the board they simply jettisoned any idea that only a few candidates could obtain the highest grades.

    That way we ended up with a whole generation of by and large ignorant and ill-informed people without any capacity for critical thinking.

    Now you’ve flourished your socialism, your academic qualifications and made utterly spurious claims without any real evidence of your writing abilities-and I have to tell you we are all deeply underwhelmed!

    Please stop embarrassing yourself. It’s painful to watch.

  • Freeborn


    Embarrassing and painful to watch-rather like the England football team!

    Having greatly inflated ideas re-their abilities is not confined to our graduate population now.

    We have a national side that is clearly awful at their job and in post-match interviews displays glaring problems with syntax yet they like Jon seem to think they have intellectual abilities!

    Computer Science? You might as well brag re-a degree in plumbing for all the relevance such a qualification has here!

    Jon-when my computer breaks down I’ll give you a call!

    Lynn Truss was on the radio this morning talking re-England,their supporters,commentators creating a mythical status for the team they so obviously didn’t deserve.

    Thus she spoke of Jurgen Klinsmann managing to convince English viewers that,yes England could indeed go all the way and win the World Cup!

    Rooney was playing badly but the pundits and management convinced themselves that it would be unthinkable to drop him in favour of fresh blood.

    Wayne was now emblematic of some “too big to fail” derivatives bank!

    The capacity of a nation for self-delusion has been put brutally under the microscope this week. With celebrations about beating Slovenia preceding mournful laments re-being wiped out by a half-decent German team.

    If ever there was an opportunity to now come to terms with the fact that we have now become a third-rate country with absurd delusions of grandeur it is NOW!

    With our piss-poor national football team and what we have learned about the vainglorious delusions of our “1st Class with Honours” generation of graduates it’s time we looked into the mirror a little more reflectively methinks!

  • Apostate


    Er, no offence mate-but I think Jon still writes better than you, mate!

    Seriously no wonder these guys spend their nights in offensively banal exchanges with Larry,crabs,angrisoba,Clark,Robinson!

    They are living with the fairies!

    P.S. Look I’m not being homophobic either,guys!

  • Steelback


    I wanted to execute the coup de grace with that computer engineer guy!

    You guys are clearly cruising for a bruising and are going to be permanently deleted real soon.

    Ubersturmfuhrer Murray is content with his life right now so you’re getting away with it.

    If Scotland had just got knocked out of the World Cup he’d have had your guts for garters by now.

    Rest assured Scotland didn’t even qualify.

    He won’t hear of any anti-semitic theories re-who’s running FIFA now either!

  • Freeborn

    If you can’t get a degree without bragging about it from the rooftops-you….well you never had any business being at uni in the first place!

    Reckon our cardboard cut-out for the new generation of graduates will dare show his face here again?

    It’s a bit like the Beatles in Hamburg. Despite all the abuse and bottles flying at them they just kept coming back for more!

    Mind you they were drugged and pissed up to the eyeballs!

    Mind you I reckon, 1st Class Honours Jon must be too!


  • Steelback

    The reluctance of the Zio-shills to come to the aid of the dummies that denounce anti-Zionists like me as racists suggests neither are comfortable with the thread topic.

    Shills and computer programmers what a team! And there’s always Ubersturmfuhrer Murray on hand to rescue them from us “anti-semites” (LOL!)

    In the absence of their being able to provide one shred of counter-evidence to the assertion that right wing evangelical Americans are mind-control slaves of the Zionists here’s more evidence to support the idea that this is indeed the case.

    If some you find this piece offensive to those nice Zionists you’re always on about-good!

    You tender-minded dingbats!

  • Freeborn

    The disturbing scenario painted by Duff of civil war in the US in the Veterans Today link above contains glaring inescapable truths we ignore at our peril.

    The image of the US as a hollowed out shell of an economy with whole swathes of the culture warped by Zionist-orchestrated religious bigotry and resentment about to explode is one that will stay in the minds of readers for a long time to come.

    Probably until it happens-which won’t be long now.

    Many thanks-this was stimulating reading.

    I’m afraid it may not be to the taste of the PC Zio-mind-control slaves here. Duff fingers Ziofascism as the parasite feeding on and ultimately disgorging its host in the Final WW3 Rapture.

    They be frightened off by such clearly anti-semitic imagery!

    Oh and by the way-Duff is not as good a writer as our Jon here either(LOL)!

  • Apostate

    The Duff piece also makes fleeting reference to the Zionist bankers on Wall Street who engineered the economic meltdown that will precede the coming Apocalypse.

    Ubersturmfuhrer Murray has made plain that any reference to Zionist bankers is anti-semitic conspiracy theory.

    While in the US we have the Lieberman Bill allowing Obama to shut down the internet for “security” (read protect Israel) reasons and Sunstein’s drive against conspiracy theories here in the US we’ve got………





    We are witnessing not just the Endtime and Final Rapture but The Origins of Totalitarianism!

    We might have guessed the source of Totalitarianism lay in the PC Liberal Left establisment!

  • Freeborn

    Just how Frankfurt School programming encourages Zio-mind-control slaves like the simpletons here to look for evidence of “anti-semitism” under every stone is here:

    Frankfurt was a Bolshevik propaganda school in 1920s Germany that with Rockefeller funding when it moved to the US morphed into a social engineering outfit whose impact on the general culture and higher education is still reverberating today.

    On Adorno and Horkheimer’s cultural project via the Frankfurt study on The Authoritarian Personality-type the Schiller piece is quite succinct:

    “Their goal was not the protection of Jews from prejudice but a definition of authoritarianism and anti-semitism which could be exploited to force “the scientifically-planned re-education of Americans and Europeans away from the principles of the Judeo-Christian civilisation,which the Frankfurt school despised.

    “In their theoretical writings of this period,Horkheimer and Adorno pushed this thesis to its most paranoid:just as capitalism was inherently fascistic,the philosophy of Christianity itself is the source of anti-semitism.”

    The spurious “science” behind the School’s cultural investigations is never more clearly at work than in the pages of their Authority Personality study.

    The children raised on such PC propaganda are the ones who’ve passed through the university system and now undermine everyone else’s attempts to find out what’s really wrong with the world.

    Their impotent cultural pessimism and cynicism re-the motivation of fellow humans who happen to disagree with their PC orthodoxy infects those here who still can’t make it out of the Frankfurt box.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Freeborn. May I make a suggestion? May I suggest that you write an essay on the subject to which you allude, with references and all the usual accoutrements. Perhaps you already have done this. Then you could have it published somewhere (on a website, for example) and make reference to it. I do think that if you do that, it would be honourable to use your real name to indicate authorship. Doing this would serve two purposes:

    1) It would save you having to reiterate the same arguments, again and again to your confidantes, Apostate et al and everyone else. This must be frstrating for you.

    2) It would enable to you – and everyone else – collate and link your ideas into an organic whole.

    3) It also would allow people to confirm or attempt to refute your positions on a more formal basis, rather than through the somewhat ephemeral, fluid medium of a web-log. It would reduce the tendency for slagging-matches between bloggers in relation to you and your ideas.

    I suggest this in all seriousness, not in jest. But from your previous correspondence on this blog, you have created th impression that in some way you are linked to some form of academic institution, and so perhaps you have already considered this option and rejected it.

  • glenn

    Steelback: Apart from regurgitating the standard style of lashing out against anyone not holding the faith/ failing to be suitable down on the lessor races/ possessing impure blood, what exactly are you contributing yourself?

    I mean, Jeez – you accuse people of being boring, but I’ve yet to see anything spirited or original from you. It’s all just boilerplate material. Come on, raise your game.

  • AbeBird

    Jews and Christians don’t grow up yound suicide bombers in their houses? Am I wrong? Just coorect me if so.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    AbeBird at 9:20am: Pathetic.

    I write as someone who personally does not agree with fundamentalism of any sort. That includes militaristic fundamentalism.

    If one assumed the kind of monochromatic argumentation which you seem to favour, one might posit that this or that group of people – , millions, say, in the USA or the UK – grew up around nuclear warheads or military bases, or the war economy or in the normative situation of perpetual imperial war.

    A scenario in which almost every commercial computer video-game for kids demonises Arabs.

    Your attempt to essentialise and demonise billions is shameful but entirely predictable. You squash people until they can’t breathe and then you point to them and say, “Look how flat they are! Just goes to prove that they are one-dimensional! Just goes to show that all people are like that.”

    Immature reasoning. Propaganda.

  • Jon

    @AbeBird. Ha, “you don’t get Jewish terrorists”. Read up on how the state of Israel was created – you’ll be quite surprised. I’ve included a link – a letter sent to the Independent (London) – which you might find useful as a starting point.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Yeah, that’s it, Jon, good link.

    And think about medical doctor, Baruch Goldstein, who is celebrated by many (but also condemned by many) in Israel as a hero. And the terrorist who assassinated Rabin. And those of the Stern Gang and Irgun. Menachem Begin, Yitzhak Shamir…

    And we haven’t even begun to talk about state terrorism.

    You see, AbeBird, everyone lives in a glass house.

    Best, then, to analyse processes, rather than cast stones.

    Best, then, to seek solutions.

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