American and Israeli Religious Nutters: Loving Each Other to Hell 233

You really do need to watch all of this video from the Christian Broadcasting Network:

A couple of years ago, while giving a lecture at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, I was astonished when a lecturer told me that half of his students would agree with the proposition that a war in the Middle East would lead to Armageddon, and that would be a good thing. In Ann Arbor, bot the Deep South.

The extent to which US support for Israel is driven by these christian violent religious extremists should not be underestimated. They are a major force in US politics.

The extraordinary thig is that violent religious extremists in both the US and Israel look forward to fighting sude by side against the forces of evil in the Last Battle in the Middle East, yet extremist jews and extremist christians each also believe that at the climax, when the world ends, their cherished allies will go to Hell with their enemies.

It is of course the American christians who are the most destructive violent religious extremists in the world.

233 thoughts on “American and Israeli Religious Nutters: Loving Each Other to Hell

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  • Larry from St. Louis

    “Craig Murray deserves a medal for what he did and continues to do.”

    No, he deserves ridicule. Just this week, he showed that he believes that the University of Michigan is a hotbed of religiosity (it isn’t – in fact it’s far less religious than Craig’s own university), is a wing of the Democratic Party (it isn’t – it’s full of conspiraloons, Shazad the Terrorist deserves our understanding and that the hateful deserves a recommendation.

    I think the wheels are falling off in Craig’s life. This tends to be what happens when one gives in to hateful stupidity.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    When those who back war, death and profits cannot find anything with which to argue, they attack those with whom they cannot argue. In fact, that tends to be their modus operandum as a means of diversion.

    What has happened, really, is that the wheels have come off the vehicle of deception so that everyone now can view it for it is.

  • Freeborn


    We know who you are and it’s just hilarious to listen to you spout your fallacious psycho-babble about who you think WE are!

    As Steelback mentioned long ago we’ve (that’s me and him) come across each other on different-more intellectually up-market (Hasbarat shill-free) blogs.

    Does that make us part of some conspiracy?

    Your pathetic attempts to shill for the Zio-fascists are ludicrous but given the dumb PC left establishment’s mental enslavement to Frankfurt School training and their silly guilt complexes re-the supposed sins of their forebears you can get away with it.

    We know who you are and the sheeple who cower before your plastic neon-lit altar to Mammon!

    You’ll have to do a little more homework on WHO the other two/three guys are.

    Funny thing is I thought it was Steelback and me who were the conspiracy theorists.

    Mind you it’s characteristic of loathsome air-heads like you shills and your establishment left minions to be COMPLETE and UTTER HYPOCRITES!

  • Larry from St. Louis

    Suhayl, what’s the diversion here? Are you really going to argue that the “Christian Broadcasting Network” has anything to do with current (or former) U.S. policy?

  • Suhayl Saadi

    The war is killing civilians at an alarming rate. Truth. The war makes big profits for rich people and their corporations. Truth. It is in the interests of these people and their corporation to obscure these basic facts. Truth. They will employ all manner of disinformative tactics in order to permit them to continue to prosecute the wars on which their wealth is dependent. Truth. Most people now see this. Truth. It is about being steeped in the blood of millions. Truth.

  • Larry from St. Louis

    How many did they save from what was inevitable under Islam?

    Suhayl, you would do better if you were a non-believer from a Muslim family. Instead, you’re simply a believing Muslim.

    Suhayl, are you proud of what the Muslim hijackers did on 911?

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Detroit, this week: mass demonstration. Many Americans know exactly what’s happening and they definitely don’t like what they see. And good on them for it!

  • Larry from St. Louis

    In the Muslim world, no one is allowed to demonstrate.

    You moron.

  • anarchore

    Being called a moron by a guy who works in a Jew-run Cathouse-now I’d call that one Hell of an affront.

    This guy,Larry’s gonna expose himself just one time too many.

    Thinking about it…my paper shop looks just the same.I mean like a Jew-run cathouse!

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Incidentally, for anyone interested in the subject of growing-up Jewish in the USA, Jewish American literature and many other matters, may I recommend the work of a writer and academic who is also a good friend and a very warm and lovely person, Faye Moscowitz. Her books are superbly written and are very powerful testaments to humanity.

    Jeffrey Cohen – same site – is also a fantastically erudite and exciting intellect. He specialises in Mediaeval Britain.

  • sandcrab

    I could be sorry Freeborn, do prove me wrong by not treating the comments with contempt. please.

    “The war is killing civilians at an alarming rate. Truth. The war makes big profits for rich people and their corporations. Truth. It is in the interests of these people and their corporation to obscure these basic facts. Truth. They will employ all manner of disinformative tactics in order to permit them to continue to prosecute the wars on which their wealth is dependent. Truth. Most people now see this. Truth. It is about being steeped in the blood of millions. Truth.”

    Core Truthes, best wishes.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Another excellent writer, some of whose books have been published by the Arab-owned Saqi Books, westborune Grove, London, is Moris Farhi.

    Humanity, of course, is a complex species. Thank goodness.

    While giving no quarter when critiquing and opposing violent power and the information organs which help to uphold and spread that power including the so-called ‘liberal’ ones), I am absolutely firm in my refusal to essentialise and attack people simply because of their race, religion, creed, etc. To do so is a slippery slope to nothing except more death and destruction.

  • Mark Golding - Children of Iraq

    The Ordeal of Dr Catherine Wilkerson, M.D.

    Welcome to the Jackboot State, Ann Arbor Division

    Welcome to the jackboot state, not to mention the jackboot campus, anno domini 2007. A doctor gives verbal advice to protect the life of an unconscious man and she duly gets hit with attempted felonies by vindictive campus cops, with the connivance of the University of Michigan. Jury selection for her trial starts on Monday in a county courthouse in Ann Arbor.

    This case began with an on-campus talk about Iran last November 30 by Raymond Tanter, a former Reagan administration foreign policy advisor and nutball cofounder of the Committee on the Present Danger. More recently he’s co-founder of the Iran Policy Committee. Tanter has said publicly on more than one occasion that nuking Iran wouldn’t be a bad idea.

    More recently Dr Catherine Wilkerson, MD, MPH was dismissed from the Packard Community Clinic for refusing to sign a contract that imposed restrictions of freedom of expression. The ACLU intervened and issued a criticism of the clinics policy.

    This month Catherine organised a panel discussion sponsored by ANSWER Coalition (Act Now to Stop War & End Racism)featuring Mike Prysner, an Iraq war veteran and co-founder of the veterans and service members organization March Forward!, whose gripping Winter Soldier testimony about the brutal and racist character of the occupation forces in Iraq has been viewed 1.5 million times.

    Bravo Dr Catherine!

  • Clark


    I agree that Grimm’s site is anti-Jewish and offensive. Respect to you for attempting to reason with “Steelback”. Unfortunately, previous experience indicates that this is futile and merely results in abuse.





    Mark Golding,

    thank you all for your comments; your humanity shines through. Note the interesting dynamic: the “Apostate” Multiple Character attacks various, including Larry. Larry also attacks, but never the Multiple Character.

    All readers,

    Apostate, Freeborn, Steelback, and the latest false name Anarchore – these are all the same person, who also goes by “Tungsten” and “Juniper”. This Multiple Character repeatedly posts links to offensive anti-Jewish articles.

    Apostate Multiple Character,

    Larry from St Louis,

    you two resemble each other, you are united in sending angry, aggressive comments, and in being offensive to the most humane commenters.


    For the record – I condemn Israeli atrocities and Israeli expansionism.

  • Apostate

    Hey Superman!

    Your absurdly convoluted reasoning linking me with Larry on the same disinfo. team is quite the funniest exercise I’ve come across.

    Your feeble posturing on moral and “humane” high ground is typical of the wet establishment left that make this blog so vulnerable to Hasbarah infiltration in the first place.

    So obsessed are you guys with your own PC credibility and squishing every comment board contributor into a goodie/baddie box you fail to contribute anything meaningful whatever to discussion yourselves.

    The thread concerns Christian Zionists and links have been posted that describe how Zionists have financed and infiltrated most of the religious right in the US.

    The Discernment Ministries site deals specifically with Worldwide Church of God and British Israelism as vehicles for a revived British Empire.

    This was meaningful on-topic discussion.

    Your contribution as usual was a tepid OT rant against people you suggest are “anti-semitic”.

    The overwhelming evidence suggests it is far more likely you and your air-head left establishment friends are on the same side as the shills.

    You’re just too dumb and brainwashed to have worked it out yet!



  • Jon

    Thanks Clark. I tend towards the view that commentaters here are usually prepared to engage, even ones that tend to disagree such as @angrysoba, @abe and @alfred. I was (sceptically) curious as to how “the Jews” might be linked specifically to greed; but no answers came, just bluster. I am still open to enlightenment!

    It is a curious feature of some purveyors of political alternative theories that: if simple questions are asked, there may be answers, but only angry accusations and insults are returned. Thus the genuinely interested person is denied ‘the truth’ that the purveyors would claim should be widely known about.

  • Jon

    And… to lighten the mood :-). I’m sitting in the sunshine in the Yorkshire Dales at the moment. The glorious English sunshine is streaming through, the breeze is cooling and gentle, and I’m off to ride on a steam train in a bit. Then, I should think, we’ll find somewhere where a real ale can be found in the evening.


  • Apostate

    Jon and superman

    People like you are boring the arse off the rest of us on this blog who actually want to engage in serious discussion and research.

    It’s no surprise a lot of these are now going elsewhere for sustenance.

    We sure as Hell are going to learn absolutely nothing from you guys.

    Your adolescent obsession with peer-group approval ( i.e. taking up some infantilized PC moral high ground with your intellectually-challenged pals ) means you have nothing at all worthwhile to say.

    The idea that anyone is going to respond to the utterly fatuous observation that there are “some nice Jews about” betrays your total incapacity for critical thinking.

    You’d both be better off making such daft remarks standing on the door-step of The Rovers Return or The Queen Vic!

    Get a life you saddoes!

    You’re Zio-fascist quislings and belong in bed with the lies of angri,crabs and Larry!

    You’re all sharing a brain-cell!

    Don’t worry Ubersturmfuhrer Murray will always protect you in your time of need!

    Like now when you’re being exposed as the vacuous shills you really are!

  • Steelback

    You’re lashing into Der Ubersturmfuhrer’s core readership Prostrate-go easy on them!

    They think if they get their “A” Star GCSEs,Gold Star “A” grade “A” levels and read The Guardian they’re “educated”!

    Thinking about it now-while they’re in front of the t.v. watching those Holocaust-perpetrating Germans play multi-cultural and proud England-these guys NEED protecting from the likes of polemicising Apostates like you!


  • Richard Robinson

    Whatever they call themselves, the sneering tone of voice is very tedious. Is it calculated to deter other people from responding, or just unfortunate ?

  • Clark


    (and all your other names),

    this is my last message to you. From now on I’m going to simply skip over your comments.

    You repeatedly link to sites that criticise people merely for being Jewish. This offends me. I acknowledge that your own writing is critical of a more closely defined group. However, your links suggest that your motivation is prejudice against Jews, and I therefore do not trust the direction of your arguments.

    Read my earlier post more carefully; The dynamic I referred to is clearly discernible. I suggest that there is some *reason* that Larry from St Louis does not criticise you. You may be ‘on the same team’ or not, that is not relevant to this argument.

    It is also clear that you, under your various names, are one of the most aggressive and offensive posters at this site, as is Larry. I do not wish to converse with such people. Basically, you need to sort out your personal problems, or I will ignore you.

    Best wishes.

  • Apostate

    Robinson,Clark Kent you pair of excruciatingly boring dingbat shills!

    Yes, please skip over my comments all together.

    They certainly weren’t meant for adolescent GCSE re-sits like you pair of headless chickens.

    Fuck off you boring bastards!

    The world is a far more interesting place than you dumb shills would have us believe.

    Come back when you’ve grown out of The Guardian and the BBC!

    Please God I don’t meet up with you at some funeral-the level of conversation you’re capable of sustaining would make the quick at the headstones and the dead in their graves-reel in a state of abject ennui!

    You’re a bit like the England football team-not at the races!

  • Jon

    I agree with Clark, the sock-puppets need to calm down and drink less coffee. Less aggression, less exclamation marks; more reason, more reasonableness.

    Let’s pretend though, Apostate, that I still regard the BBC and the Guardian as beacons of left-wing reason (I don’t). Let’s say also that I want to come around to your line of thinking. What it is about Jewish people that predisposes them to selfishness?

    Last chance?

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