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As I don’t know how long my comments will last on here I’d have preferred to post somewhere more neutral.

I’ve had a brief look at some of the social media reports of high turnout and they tend to correlate with a high turnout registered in their constituency if it can be inferred.

Walsall have broken down their results to a ward-by-ward basis

The post by Andy Anderson suggests that there are two polling registers, one for those registered to vote in-person or by proxy and another for those registered to vote by postal ballot. Are voters supposed to be marked or crossed off as they vote? What happens to the voter who takes his or her postal ballot to the polling station, which registers will he or she appear on?

A second question would be; is when and where are the postal ballots handed in person to a polling station and the postal ballot box held over to the day of the General Election ‘processed’?