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Faulty ballot papers affected postal voters in Newcastle and Wansbeck, under 200 voters in total, threatning to invalidate their votes.

They also reveal that the voter information can still be paired up with their voting intention or marked ballot after the covering envelopes would have been processed.

“For those who may have already sent in their ballot paper, we are asking them to sign the additional letter along with their date of birth in the space provided, then return it in the pre-paid envelope we have supplied.

“Alternatively, they can ask for a replacement pack and we will cancel the original pack.”

According to the BBC, errors or defective settings in software supplied by Xpress / Electoral Reform Services / Civica to 245 Local Authorities meant that several people were wrongly informed that they were entitled to vote despite the fact that they had apparently registered succesfully after the 26 November deadline.

‘The issue means scores of people who did not apply before the 26 November electoral registration deadline may have been wrongly informed that they can vote at the election, forcing councils to reprint their polling station registers after installing a software update.’