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Kim Sanders-Fisher

Wow! This is truly unprecedented, a major international crisis that could herald an inextricable march towards a major war in the Middle East and the BBC’s Marr Show is still obsessing over the Labour leadership contest candidates rather than focusing on the charlatan who stole the recent election and whether he might take the UK to war on Trump’s orders. One wouldn’t want to disturb Boris basking on a sunny beach in the Caribbean while the duped masses fret over the threat of him compliantly following the US into another illegal war based on lies.

The Foreign Secretary’s was invited to present his evidence free justification of the US extrajudicial slaughter of Suleimani as if it was warranted as it certainly went unchallenged by Marr. Raab’s feeble attempt to shore-up the ludicrous Trump assertion that taking Suleimani out was done to “prevent a war” rather than credibly provoking justifiable retaliation passed with little viable interrogation from Marr over that ridiculous premise. This was a truly shocking display of gullible ignorance regarding the dangerous reality of the situation we now face after the BBC pulled out all the stops to shoehorn this hard right Tory government back into power with a majority to end all resistance or debate.

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe’s plight was easily written off with meaningless platitudes as was Raab’s too little too late intervention on the Cyprus rape case. The British public should get used to being completely abandoned by our Foreign Office while this die hard supporter of US and Israeli interests remains in the position of Foreign Secretary. Marr swiftly moved on to the Brit’s favourite genre of daring epic, the next heroic war movie to hit the screen. Such idealistic nostalgia about war will always help to soften up the cannon fodder in readiness for a fast approaching brutal onslaught.

Why was so much prominence given to who might become the next leader of the opposition at a time when MPs of all parties will have almost zero influence over foreign or domestic policy for the foreseeable future? The BBC know they have helped the Tories pull off the greatest con trick in UK political history so they must be really worried about all those angry Labour voters who could take to the streets in protest or grind the country to a halt with massive strikes before such democratic options are entirely outlawed.

Who knew that the potential US war with Iran would be upon us so soon? We had all hoped in vain that Trump would be distracted and contained by impeachment but, POTUS is merely the puppet of far more dangerous actors like the War Hawks Pompeo and Bannon. Ignore this Pompeo moment of truth caught on video at your peril as Boris blindly follows US dictates. Also captured on a revealing film clip we cannot forget Pompeo’s early warning threats to destabilize a Corbyn Government if their dirty foreign intervention tactics failed to secure a Tory stranglehold on power.

The powerful Zionist Lobby groups in the UK foolishly allowed Joe Glasman to rant on camera about the disgraceful extent of the Israeli Government’s foreign intervention and manipulation of UK politics. We should have headed the strong warning back in 2009 when a Dispatches documentary revealed the dangerous path we were on in our blind support of Zionist apartheid policies. What will it take for the UK public to finally wake up to the terrifying prospect of a prolonged Tory dictatorship forced upon us through a rigged election?

To fulfil the US, Israeli mission the Tories need a cowering, totally enfeebled Labour leader to help quell the coming unrest as they know the fight-back is coming and we could see rioting on UK streets. Weekening the opposition was what the BBC prioritized this morning; not questioning our absconding PM revelling in the glory of his stolen election, but insuring that no one questioned his legitimacy. The big push from the BBC is getting as many Labour MPs as possible to own their fake defeat and make a radical change of direction to support the Tory agenda. We cannot allow this to happen: protests and nationwide strikes are the pragmatic next step.

We must focus the attention of Labour MPs on the very real threat that the Tories will lead us into another illegal war in the Middle East unless we immediately and aggressively challenge the legitimacy of their rigged parliamentary majority. There is no effective opposition unless we overturn the vote. We must contact all MPs urging them to change their defeatist narrative and relentlessly start questioning the unfathomable results of this 2019 General Election before it is too late. There is legitimate cause for concern over the results on a multitude of fronts with significant anomalies that cannot be dismissed by insisting that Labour voters deserted the party over Brexit and anti-Semitism. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it’s not a giraffe!

If you watched Andrew Marr grill two of the five potential candidates for leadership of a thoroughly toothless opposition, spiced up by an interview with recently knighted Sir Sam Mendes, including a liberal dollop of action clips from his new film about the Second World War, you might have guessed the elephant in the room… My quest for knowledge on what to expect from the Tories as the prospect of war looms was not satiated by the pathetic “I agree with Trump” spin from Dominic Raab. Who is running the country and, perhaps more importantly, on whose behalf? We all know the BBC cannot be trusted to present real news: STOP DRINKING THE KOOLAID!