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Kim Sanders-Fisher

I wrote in a previous post about watching, “Andrew Marr grill two of the five potential candidates for leadership of a thoroughly toothless opposition…” but, I bust my sides laughing when I heard a chap on last night’s paper review sum up this neurotic focus over the contest as, “five bald guys fighting over a comb!” His comment epitomized the thoroughly disproportionate media frenzy over the party who they far too adamantly claim lost the election and why they failed, rather than trumpeting their victor and celebrating the achievement of a miraculous landslide. No one has mentioned the LibDem leadership; they have served their purpose of making the split remain vote look credible and the Tories do not need any further contribution from them to support the big lie.

Paul Barbara – In answer to a number of your recent posts on this thread: first, I must be one of the few holdout independently minded people in the UK to reject the temptation to join Facebook. Far too vacuous for me and I never felt comfortable with their format or their intrusive reach into ones personal space. I remain a stubborn holdout steering clear of Facebook at a time when increasing numbers of people are becoming disenchanted and worrying about inappropriate use of their data.

Without contacting Skwawkbox I discovered that the “two companies” they mentioned in their post were Halarose and Halarose Holdings who were dissolved just before Christmas. Both companies were acquired by IDOX in mid August 2019 thus consolidating the IDOX monopoly of power over the electoral process in the UK.

At some point I will make the effort to get back into my blog and clean up the mess, I just have not felt motivated for a while. The whole focus of my blog was an outlet to overcome the massive hurt and frustration of having my career destroyed after I blew the whistle over a patient safety issue at the hospital where I worked in the US. After I was accepted into thoroughly unnecessary retraining here in the UK I needed to discretely put my blog to one side. At this point I could return to my blog to expose a repetition of what I experienced as a medical Whistleblower in America; it was just as futile, bruising and totally devastating when I was targeted and my retraining was sabotaged to silence me.

But, truth be told, innovative people are the most likely employees to spot risk or danger that they feel compelled to speak up about. It is all too easy for someone like me, with a routine pragmatic reliance on route cause analysis, to think a risk or fault must be blindingly obvious to everyone as you unwittingly draw attention to a sensitive issue that managers do not want highlighted. It is that same reliable process of thinking through things logically that kept me safe during 150,000 miles of ocean passage making delivering sailing yachts offshore for twenty years. It is such an instinctive thought process that it applies to every decision I make, plus the well informed analysis of whatever I read or hear on the news before taking a position on any matter.

I was first attracted to this blog by the Skripal case which, when you have even the most rudimentary knowledge of infection control, containment and Hazmat, simply does not make sense. I noted how well Craig applied that process of logical deduction to his subject matter and I was impressed. It is also rewarding to read through meaningful and intelligent, informative comments rather than the ignorant, angry rants I see in other areas of the Internet. I have applied the same meticulous rules of logical analysis to conclude that, with regard to all the information and data on the results, I remain convinced last UK General Election was rigged by the Tory Party to accomplish that landslide majority.

The myopic failure feeding frenzy to discredit Labour should tell you everything you need to know about this vote rigging deception; it is an ongoing project. It is vital to maintaining the credibility of the result that, on even the most cursory examination, makes no logical sense at all.

SA – I know you have commented on the simplicity of the moronic “Get Brexit Done” messaging and how it just might have struck a cord with Labour voters, but it would still make no sense to vote Tory. What do those who supposedly prioritized Brexit really expect to actually get from leaving the EU? “Cheaper food, clothes and footwear” as promised by a selfish Tory millionaire? The opulent Nirvana of glorious prosperity delivered by the Tory Party with a track record for increasing inequality and hording their wealth offshore? No cheap foreign competitors in the job market, especially after all of the manufacturing plants relocate to the continent?

Take back Control was a popular vision. “Control” over our own laws after we are rescued from the oppression of EU protections over our right to work oppressively long hour for slave wages and our human rights that Boris urgently wants to “redefine” for us? Regulations no longer governed by Brussels will be stripped of all the tedious red tape constrains like food and safety standards. Yes, in the rump of little England left after we send Scotland into the wilderness, Boris will be free to sculpt our laws, and even our legal system, to suit the needs of his puppet masters, Trump, Bannon and Cummings. Dictatorship is a really simple form of control without any petty debate or dissension allowed.

At least the newly “liberated” ultra nationalist Brexiteers can apply for that nostalgic blue pathetic little England passport but, in reality the prisoners of mother England (POMs) will never need to leave our rain soaked shores again. This is probable just as well as after their “paid leave” evaporates our rail fares will continue to soar so I doubt they will earn enough to go on any type of holiday as we transform into a feudal slave state. But don’t forget the added perks like discovering your UK driving license is no longer accepted, you need to purchase health insurance and will pay higher roaming charges on calls from your mobile. My favourite will be the first time I need to get a special visa just to visit the continent, something that was never necessary before we joined the EU!

There are so many obvious benefits you can really see why they all prioritized Brexit, or not… So what else did the Tories have on offer that was so exciting? More money for the NHS, more nurses and 40 new hospitals? A pathetic attempt to undo the damage of ten years of underfunding abd beglect that sparked a staffing exodus. Those new hospitals will be built as soon as US for profit healthcare corporations get their greedy hands on our NHS but, don’t forget your credit card. An end to the depravation of Universal Credit? No. Scrapping the waiting period after applying? No. The rape clause gone? No. Abolishing the Bedroom Tax? No. Doctors trusted to judge your fitness for work? No. An end the benefit freeze? No word on that one. Is that the end of austerity? Who could possibly believe the Tories would do that?

Could any of the Brexit obsessed voters have actually been stupid enough to believe that the Tories would stop their needless cruelty and restore essential elements of the welfare state? Would any of them have doubted for an instant that the Labour Party would end the worst of their misery even if they were unable to follow through on many of their more extravagant promises? This is why the “too much stuff on offer” reasoning does not hold up. I have experienced hardship in my early life so I can say from experience that the raw agony of hunger is a pain that is etched into your memory for life. Did these Brexit fanatics ignore the reality of a job or disability forcing them into the destitution of Universal Credit, eviction and freezing to death on the streets? Did they really vote for continued poverty, reliance on food banks and watching their children starve? I do not, cannot, believe they did.

There must have been some positive enticement? Raising the minimum wage to £10 an hour? It will only happen if the economy picks up, so maybe at some point but, probably not anytime soon. More police on the streets? Yes; Boris will need them to quell the riots. More stop and search? Of course, it’s a vital component of intimidation. Longer prison terms? Oh yes; a lot of things are set to become illegal like “unauthorized encampments” but, at least it will ethnically cleanse our towns of Gypsies and possibly the homeless too. Boris will need a lot more prison spaces but, there is an easy solution to that because his new American partners will export their business model for using “for profit prisons” so that incarceration doesn’t make a dent in the UK budget.

This media propaganda drumming home the unreality of how important it was to those Northern Heartland Brexiteers to know that their vote had finally been respected is a myth only believed by those who have not faced extreme hardship. If you are being taken in by this message stop and think hard about what it would be like to be homeless, starving hungry and desperate, before you try to imagine how it might change your priorities. It is only because the media regularly portray the poor as gullible, racist idiots that they can continue to sell the message that the turkeys voted to Christmas because they were so stupid. The logical part of me knows that the survival instinct is far too strong for that to be true.