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So most of the 19% increase in postal ballots is potentially phony (assuming the real increase is similar to that recorded in Scotalnd of a percent or so.)

The validation process itself might be another place adjustments could be made. I’m plucking ideas out of my arse but couldn’t valid ballots easily be targeted and rejected automatically in some way? If the validation software connects to a remote server to update itself the validation process could be vulnerable to tampering or modifcation by the vendor at any time.* And if IDOX/Halarose software connects to remote servers while in operation (and associated databases) it could identify the voter and likely voting intention from a signature and DOB. IDOX specialises in date mining of election data, they certainly have the means to do that. Any votes rejected this point are supposedly available to be examined by officials from each party. Did this in fact happen? How does it actually work in practice? Did they do anything else on election day?

I’m also curious about the rich history of data loss and the sale of electoral data by these companies.

I’ve also noticed that (who had done a reasonable job of fleshing out Idox/Halarose) is down and their Twitter account was also deactivated by Twitter for a while last week.

Cached versions are still available for the moment in most search engines but I can only find their IDOX page via <b>some<b> search engines and not others.

(*Would malicious updates leave a finger print on council systems? Even if say, the software was altered again afterward? Presumably a reason for dissolving Halarose might be to shred any and all evidence at their end.)