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John Pretty

Thank you Gary for giving me your thoughts on my theory. As I said, I offer it only as a possibility as to me it seems to fit in a way that other theories do not and I have not seen it discussed anywhere else.

Regarding your comment:

“But then neither do I believe Yulia transported a highly illegal drug through TWO international airports to get the dosage wrong and FAIL at the last hurdle either.”

One thing I have not as yet a clear idea on is who may have supplied Yulia Skripal and at what point she was given the poison. It need not have been brought with her, but could it have been planned in the UK? I don’t have an answer to that as yet. It seems more likely (given the difficulties you imply) that she would have obtained it here.

“Why now?” is something that I feel on safer grounds with. It is a question that you would have to ask of any would-be assassin anyway! But Yulia (my theory goes) was suicidal and decided that she wanted to die and be buried with her family. Her 43 year old brother died in 2017 and is buried in Salisbury with her mother. The Skripal poisoning occurred less than a year later.

It has been reported that Yulia was engaged to be married, but again I don’t think this necessarily negates my theory, especially if it was an engagement that she secretly wanted to break off, but felt unable to do so. If she had an inner conflict about this, again, it could have contributed to her (in my theory) distressed emotional state.

That the poison was carried in a perfume bottle (as has been claimed) fits perfectly with the poisoner being a woman and a woman who could get close enough to Sergei Skripal without being pushed away. The idea that these two butch Russian gentlemen were carrying a perfume bottle to administer the poison doesn’t stack up to me at all!

If this perfume bottle was recovered at the scene MI6 may have had one of their lackeys “lose” the – inconvenient for the government – evidence, which was then picked up by an unsuspecting Rowley and Sturgess. Again, this is something where I have uncertainty, but this uncertainty does not negate my theory.

Regarding the current whereabouts of the Skripals. John Helmer’s blog claims they are being held by the Americans at RAF Fairford.