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My long article on the Chagos Islands sat unfinished yesterday, despite my passion for the subject, as I was horribly fascinated by the Gothic twists and turns of the Brexit debates in the House of Commons. I seldom write on the subject, but some observations seem now called for.

The Westminster system of handling business is designed purely to handle binary questions disputed between two major parties. Where those parties are both themselves hopelessly riven by internal conflict, and the issues not simply reduced to a manageable number of binary choices, Erskine May just cannot cope.

Parliament thus ended up yesterday with a vote in which the majority of MPs who voted against May’s Withdrawal Agreement view its Irish Backstop provision as almost the only decent thing in it – an opinion with which I tend to concur. They however were egging on the antediluvian DUP/ERG faction to join them, on the basis of an argument that the Irish Backstop is terrible and could be permanent, neither of which anyone sensible really believes.

It says something about the insanity of UK politics that the debate quite seriously hinged around discussions of what happens if the EU acts in bad faith and used the “backstop” deliberately to trap the UK permanently in the Customs Union. The notion that the EU is acting in “bad faith” is frankly ludicrous. No trading partner has ever accused the EU, which has the most transparent negotiating process on trade deals of any country or trading bloc, of acting in bad faith. In its own interest, yes. In bad faith – ie lying and tricking – no.

The notion that the EU is like SPECTRE, and its leaders sit round a table headed by Blofeld Junker conjuring up evil plots to trap the UK in a customs union, is stark raving mad. It is an absolutely crazed conspiracy theory. Yet pro-EU MPs were pretending to share this conspiracy theory in order to encourage the ERG/DUP nutters to vote down May’s deal. That is madness.

Nobody should be perplexed that the EU has absolutely had enough of May and her government today, having watched yesterday Westminster hold a debate entirely centred on the premiss that the EU acts in bad faith.

The most important demonstration of bad faith now comes from Theresa May. She proposed a motion for debate this evening ruling out “no deal”, but – her cunning plan – specifically ruling out a no deal Brexit on 29 March, so the Government can argue No Deal has not been ruled out on any other date, and also with a clause re-asserting that No Deal remains the default position in law. In live parliamentary proceedings, Yvette Cooper – a person of whom I am not the least fond – appeared the only one immediately to pick up on what May was doing, though I gather amendments now show others have cottoned on.

May’s plan is to ask for a short extension after the next two days’ votes, then pretend to be renegotiating (again), and then bring back her same hard Brexit deal yet again to the Commons for yet another vote, this time with imminent and unstoppable No Deal as the only alternative, the EU having been pissed off to the point where it will not agree to any further extensions.

The truth is, there is a Commons majority for a soft Brexit with a Customs Union. In a free vote without party whips, that would sail through. But it is not what May wants personally as it breaks her “red lines”, all of which are entirely predicated on stopping Free Movement. Hatred of immigrants remains the defining motive of her entire career. Customs Union and Single Market access are not going to be obtainable without Free Movement.

The truth is, it is May who is acting in bad faith. She has no intention of negotiating anything other than her Red Lines with the EU, and has no intention of engaging in any kind of meaningful renegotiation, delay or no. A delay to Brexit is absolutely pointless while May remains Prime Minister. May rightly calculates that her ultra-hard Brexit red lines were required to keep the Tory Party together, and thus keep her in power. She cares much more for being in power than she does for a solution. The comparison with Robert Peel is very apt. He reached across the aisle whilst PM and split the Tory Party to repeal the Corn Laws. There are many statues to Peel around the country. There will never be any to Theresa May.

The party, parliamentary and political system of the UK has simply become dysfunctional. This is a symptom of the much wider fact that the UK is no longer a viable socio-political entity and will not continue to exist much longer. Its system of economic regulation promotes the accumulation of vast wealth by a tiny minority, while not providing a decent standard of living to millions. There is massive disillusion with its political leadership and distrust of its extremely narrow mainstream media.

What we are witnessing at Westminster is plainly not a functional political system. It is essential that the SNP now strike out decisively for Scottish Independence. Westminster will never be held in more contempt by the public, so there will never be a better time to assert the right of the Scottish people to decide for themselves on Independence without being blocked by Westminster. Ian Blackford was very good on this yesterday.

The rise of Jeremy Corbyn to lead the Labour Party is not a chance; it is based on popular reaction to the failure of the UK political system to satisfy the needs of, and deliver a fair society for, the general population. Despite desperate Establishment attempts to smear the Left, I suspect these underlying factors may still propel Corbyn to victory. He needs to come to terms rapidly with Scotland’s right to self-determination, and stop regarding Scots as an irritant.

In looking at yesterday’s events in grim despair, in regarding May’s devious plans and contempt for the wider interest with profound distate, be comforted. It is all a sign that the British Establishment has its coat on a very shoogly peg. It is not long now.

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696 thoughts on “Brexit and Bad Faith

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  • Thomas Dunlop

    Great piece.

    I am beginning to think that UDI would come about from a very disorderly crash out of the EU, which is still a very distinct possibility, as the government is hostage to the ERG and DUP factions, who both want it. The first desire it to carry out their disaster capitalism free market model experiment on the country, and the latter because it allows them to continue their colonialist attitude of more British than the British. SO they will move every sinew to block any meaningful deal or delay of Brexit.
    If a no deal comes about and the UK does crash out, things could get so bad (I have no faith in the UK institutions to cope, they have been hollowed out in the decades after Thatcher), will the Scottish government be able to step in and become a functioning government? I mean who do the emergency services (Police, firemen, paramedics) answer to in that situation? I am sure its Hollyrood. The local authorities and other civic institutions need to be involved to make sure all of society is included. Will the army step in to exercise Westminsters power. Its incredible to think that they would start shooting atpeople.

    Desperate times call for desperate measures, I’m afraid, and these mostly definitely are

    • N_

      You are thinking in buzzphrases, which is just how big business and the state authorities like it. “More British than the British” is not how anyone in the DUP or ERG views themselves, and “Westminster” is a useful term only for marking out those who don’t understand the position. Recently in these columns someone blamed “Westminster” for the Highland clearances. That kind of belief is right up there with aliens.

      If a fanatical minority-backed bunch of xenophobes who already have a large presence in the state in Scotland try to mount a putsch, those who refer to “colonialism” and fantasise about some kind “army stepping in to assert Westminster’s power” scenario will be part of the problem.

      Do you realise how sensitive the position is? Imagine if “someone” did a Christchurch in Edinburgh. Most minds are utterly and completely befuddled.

    • giyane

      If HoC votes are only advisory I see no reason why MPs would feel inclined to take responsibility for the ensuing chaos.
      Corbyn will rightly say that the government has acted unconstitutionally and Tory MPs will agree. May , her peg and the shoogley ERG dogma it is stucķ into will drop off.

      In short shrift this tiny pile of crud will be cleaned up by dustpan and brush by Mrs Corbyn the daily. Da da Dee Dee Dada da.
      Bring back the Dales the 50s and old fashioned common sense in one day.sorted

  • Ryz Tyb

    The EC has regularly deceived African and Caribbean nations into bad deals. They may treat First Worlders differently though. But to impute only good motives when self interest rules the roost is hagiography.
    Clive George in the Truth about Trade conducted studies for the EC trade deals approach under the SIAs – Sustainability Impact Assessments. The finding was the type trade integration (neoliberal basically) would neither help developing countries nor sustainable development. And yet they proceeded with Neoliberal trade deals. African countries were unable to develop under concessionary market access. And so the EC changed it reciprocal market access. And also that most things would have tariff reduction. Free trade rules, even if it creates poverty and promotes unsustainable development.
    The EC backloads its commitments, meaning it develops vested export interests in developing countries before the developing country allows EU imports in. So that when the EU starts wiping out local industries (dry milk, tomatoes, cereals, wheat, typically) they have a local exporter ready to defend the deal. Nice stuff. At least the Americans are open in their interests and exploitation…

    • giyane

      Craig has rosy tinted spectacles about the EU.
      Thank you for correcting his theory that the EU is trustworthy . His peg of EU belief is what he hangs his Scotnat dogma on. I don’t share his view

    • Dungroanin

      A large number of the EU trade negotiators were/are British. They moved over with their expertise. That’s why Fox has nowt to show after 2 years except a pigs ear.

  • Sharp Ears

    Terror in Christchurch NZ. Sympathy to the relatives of the 49 killed and to the survivors of the horrific attacks. How did the 20 year old Australian, under arrest, come to harbour such hatred?

    A contributor on the Lifeboat has in the past produced verbatim reports of some of the right wing output that he hears on Radio NZ, an offshoot of our state broadcaster.

    Nothing about the Muslim religion here but the author, a Kiwi who had a Maori father, describes the racism he encountered growing up there.

    • Dungroanin

      Punishment and schooling for Jacinda for trying to sunder the 5 eyes, as well as an escalation in further control in the Anglo Imperialist countries now that resources are free from the Syrian humiliation. The Gaza and Venezuelan conflagrations seem to be coincidental…

      If Hard Brexit is binned and a GE is on we can expect the same here in short order.

      The Hobbits are getting an evil education by the global Nazguls – they wouldn’t have dared to massacre as many white skins but the brown ones will be blamed for being the victims.

      Jacinta (brown) has a decision to make about her DS (white) – I know its simplistic but this is designed to take over the news and radical political agenda underway at grassroots levels in the first world. Not being flippant.

      • nevermind

        Tonight BiBiCe radio 2 talks of the victims ‘all being immigrants’ an absolutely racist comment to make.
        WTF has this madmans murderous action have to do with the victims status in NZ?

        Really this is now going too far, the state propaganda machine in full fascist action making facile excuses for some Breivik copycat murder.
        This showd how.much the islamophobic policies are colouring the opinions of consent formers and pathetic hangers on.
        Organise, oppose, offline, word of mouth, do not communicate by phone computer or any other form of modern comms. Eye to eye is best.

    • Republicofscotland

      “How did the 20 year old Australian, under arrest, come to harbour such hatred?”

      Brainwashed patsies used to divide and cause unrest in NZ.

      • Trowbridge H. Ford

        What about Anders Breivik, William Hershkowitz and the looney American in the Coast Guard?

  • Sharp Ears

    Another public company, to which HMG outsources its services, is going belly up. For Carillion, etc, read Interserve.

    Struggling outsourcer Interserve faces crucial vote on rescue deal
    08:24 15 Mar 2019
    Interserve been trying to persuade shareholders to vote in favour of a deal that would see lenders write off their debt in exchange for equity from retail investors.

    The debts are massive – £630 million. The shares were 80p. Now 10p.

    As per usual, the vultures circle.

    ‘US hedge fund Coltrane Asset Management, which holds a 27.7% stake in Interserve, demanded EY (Ernst Young) – which is lined up to become the administrators – conduct a comprehensive marketing process for the firm and its assets.

    Coltrane also raised the prospect of a possible takeover bid for Interserve. Interserve’s shares have plunged 88% over the past year.’

  • Patrick Mahony

    Cox’s Vienna caveat gives Loyalist terrorists a “get out of backstop” card they can play any time with an atrocity.
    How can European Parliament ratify when UK are obviously signing in bad faith?

  • N_

    Brenton Tarrant who carried out the massacre in Christchurch has posted his “manifesto” online which is at least shorter than Anders Breivik’s. Just imagine a white guy in New Zealand speaking about “invaders”. He literally writes “we must crush immigation and deport those invaders already living on our soil”. I think this is called “cognitive dissonance”. The symbol on the front page, repeated at the end, is a Nazi “Black Sun”.

    In the text he calls himself a fascist and an eco-fascist, denies being a Nazi because he says Nazis don’t exist, praises China (by which he presumably means the regime not the people), and “Sir Oswald Mosley”. Oh and he thinks Brexit is great. He says it was “the British people firing back at mass immigration”. He says Candace Owens was a strong influence on him.

    And guess what, this scumbag who today murdered 40 innocent people has a history of playing video games: “Spyro the dragon 3 taught me ethno-nationalism. Fortnite trained me to be a killer and to floss on the corpses of my enemies.”

    Has there been any recent mass shooter who hasn’t been into videogames?

    He says he used to be a communist, then an anarchist, then a libertarian, and now he’s a fascist – which raises the question of what contact he may have had with security agencies.

    He says he has had brief contact with “Knight Justiciar Anders Breivik”.

    He says he expects an eventual Nobel peace prize.

    He writes:
    “Are you a Fed/shill/mossad agent/false flag/patsy/infiltrator/antifa/glow in the dark etc? No, but the next person to attack could be, so a healthy scepticism is a good thing.”

    Apparently he wrote a much longer work but “in a moment of unbridled self criticism” he deleted it in its entirety. Let’s not hold our breath for whether NZ state security will manage to recover it. The NSA should be able to hand over a copy if he destroyed the media he kept it on. (But it doesn’t sound as though he did, given that he says he “deleted” it.)

    He also writes:
    “I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla [sic] warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces.”

    That sounds as though he’s going into crazy internet mode.

    He continues: ” As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot.”

    He writes with an interesting mix of mad videogame showing off and the repetition of phrases and sentences he may have got from his controllers… “(P)eople will forget my motivations quickly and only remember the attack itself. Don’t believe me, can anymore tell you the motivation of the Madrid train bomber attackers?” “Children of invaders do not stay children.” And so on.

    The following is a good example. You can hear a controlling agency’s doctrine in this passage:

    It is far better to encourage radical,violent change regardless of its origins. As only in times of radical change and social discomfort can great and terrific change occur. These tumultuous times can be brought about through action. For example, actions such as voting for political candidates that radically change or challenge entrenched systems, radicalizing public discourse by
    both supporting, attacking, vilifying,radicalizing and exaggerating all societal conflicts and attacking or even assassinating weak or less radical leaders/influencers on either side of social conflicts. A vote for a radical candidate that opposes your values and incites
    agitation or anxiety in your own people works far more in your favour than a vote for a milquetoast political candidate that has no ability or wish to enact radical change. Canvas public areas in support of radical positions, even if they are not your own.

    Incite conflict.Place posters near public parks calling for sharia law, then in the next week place posters over such posters calling for the expulsion of all immigrants, repeat in every area of public life until the crisis arises.

    He gives a number of links to Wikipedia articles about rape cases in Britain including in Rotherham and elsewhere. Yes folks he is “Internet Man”.

    He describes himself as an “eco-fascist” and writes that “Green nationalism is the only true nationalism”.

    Clearly not understanding that the Romans invaded, when urging the murder of “invader” Sadiq Khan he calls London “Londinium”.

    • Dungroanin

      Isn’t it funny how quickly the details of the crazy TERRORIST are out? (has anybody or msm labelled it terrorism?) … the narrative control and consent manufacturing globalists are on the move with their next stage plan having been resisted on their last ones. Into the memory hole with that and a on with the next lie.

        • Sharp Ears

          How the Muslim population of NZ grew as a result of BLiar’s and other of our wars.

          ‘ Early in the 1990s many migrants were admitted under New Zealand’s refugee quota, from war zones in Somalia, Bosnia, A
          Afghanistan, Kosovo and Iraq.’

          ‘The number of Muslims in New Zealand according to the 2013 census is 46,149, up 28% from 36,072 in the 2006 census. New Zealand now has a number of mosques in the major centres, and two Islamic schools (Al Madinah and Zayed College for Girls). The community is noted for its harmonious relations with the wider New Zealand community, with various interfaith efforts from all sides contributing to this situation. FIANZ established the Harmony Awards as part of Islam Awareness Week in 2008 to recognise the contributions of New Zealanders to improving understanding and relationships between Muslims and the wider community.’

      • N_

        If the Sun is right (in the words it publishes to punctuate its adverts for GoPro cameras as essential equipment for today’s modern terrorist) when it claims that Brenton Tarrant’s parents are British, then if we further assume that they are British citizens by birth then Tarrant himself is a British citizen by descent. Will he be stripped of his citizenship?

        The problem with this line of thought is that the Sun prints false sh*t. Brenton Tarrant’s father is no longer alive, and I wouldn’t be surprised if neither of his parents were ever British citizens. Like most Australians they may be descended from British people but that’s different.

        Watch out for

        1. Initial squirming in the Heil by Melanie “Hitler” Phillips in relation to the Christchurch massacre as this year’s Purim approaches.

        2. Squirming by Jeremy Clarkson and the other “Eurostan” and “Londonistan” race-war propandists who serve as desk officers in the same war that Brenton Tarrant is fighting and on the same side.

        3. Politicians who defend Tarrant as some defended Breivik in 2011. Some are bound to.

    • N_

      Four people have been arrested and there are reports of at least two shooters.

      What level of direct cooperation did the controlling agency allow among the attackers?

      • N_

        I’ve just watched Brenton Tarrant’s vile 16-minute videogame-like video of what he did (one of his guns has the Nazi symbol “14” written on it) and no other shooters appear.

        Run by the same agency but without knowing each other would seem a strong possibility.

    • Vivian O'Blivion

      Corbyn’s statement: “We stand in solidarity with the Muslim community in Christchurch and around the world.” Theresa’s statement: “… people of New Zealand”. No ethnic or religious specificity. What if it was a synagogue, Theresa? No specificity then?
      Dog whistle!

  • bob

    So, here we have it – a thorughly unconstitutional british regime taking leaving the eu away from the people, a brand new netflix production of bliar’s friends the McCann’s and a shoot out in new zealand – you maybe forgiven for thinking this is coincedence – I don’t think it s – the elites really do not like the people anymore

    • N_

      It wasn’t a shootout. It was a terrorist massacre of unarmed innocents by a man using an automatic submachine gun.

  • Republicofscotland

    In the land of oppression and apartheid, Israel, Netanyahu said earlier this week, “Israel is not a state of all its citizens.” According to the Nation State law passed in July 2018, Israel is the nation state of the J**ish people and no one else.

    Of course the 1.5 million Palestinian Arab citizens, who make up 17% of Israels population, already know they’re marginalised in the land of apartheid and oppression.

    Haaretz newspaper columnist Gideon Levy, and Daniel Gordis, an influential Israeli speaker, author, and whom the Jerusalem Post claims is one of Israels top 50 renowned Israeli J**s have both said that there’s a dangerous shift of political mindset towards the far right.

    Manifesting itself in part as Netanyahu seems happy to embrace political allies like the J**ish Power party, which is openly racist and calls for the expulsion of Israeli Arabs from Israel.

  • Sharp Ears

    Just like condors on the carrion, the BBC is feasting on Christchurch. They are now running a News Special on BBC 1 with Ms Derbyshire on ‘the terrorist attacks in Christchurch’. They are even interviewing a member of the congregation in the larger of the two mosques.

    • J Galt

      Everybody reacting as per the storybook.

      Have they started the comparisons to Thomas Mair yet?

        • Sharp Ears

          Yes. As mentioned earlier and above.

          ‘New Zealand mosque shooting: the alleged attacker Brenton Tarrant and a 74‑page ‘manifesto’
          March 15 2019

          The man in the video identified himself as Brenton Tarrant

          In his home town of Grafton, New South Wales, Brenton Tarrant was recalled as a fitness fanatic who worked as a personal trainer and ran free exercise programmes for local children.

          The 28-year-old Australian now accused of the massacre at two Christchurch mosques described himself as an “ordinary white man”, inspired by the Norwegian killer Anders Breivik, and someone who wanted to “take a stand to ensure a future for my people”.

          In a 74-page manifesto he allegedly posted online, Mr Tarrant launched a tirade against Muslims and declared that he would avenge “thousands of deaths caused by foreign invaders”.

          In the sprawling document, titled The Great Replacement, the alleged killer said that he had drawn inspiration from mass shootings around the globe, including those…’ paywall

    • Ken Kenn

      Seen it – turned it off.

      Media porn relayed the masses.

      No doubt the poor people who were killed would have been referred to by their second name only ( as they do in a derogatory fashion at Public Schools of the Johnson type) in normal circumstances but will be known by their first names from her on in.

      Like Shemima after having a ‘ British ‘ baby

      Like the BBC knew them and loved them.

      Twitter and Facebook are full of hand wringers like that.

      Caring Conservatism is an oxymoron – surely? And fake caring doesn’t come any bigger and better than the BBC.

  • Republicofscotland

    The families of the dead killed on Bloody Sunday are outraged and distraught that only one of the 16 British soldiers involved in the 1972 shooting and killing of 13 people will face prosecution.

    Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson (who said Britain will start holding China to account) has pledged to offer the soldier set for prosecution full legal support and for the taxpayer to pay all his legal costs.

    Williamson added, that urgent reforms are under way to prevent our armed forces personnel from living in fear of future prosecutions.

    Killing with impunity for our armed services, I wonder if that’s what Williamson has in mind.

      • John A

        Yes, and some suspects were caught and tried and found guilty and imprisoned. However, in the eagerness to convict, the police and prosecution service fitted up some of these suspects found guilty who were innocent and subsequently released after several years in prison.

  • Sharp Ears

    I don’t think anyone has mentioned Lord Steel yet and his admission that he covered up Cyril Smith’s crimes. To my mind, the sexual abuse of children is one of the worst crimes, the perpetrators of which should be dealt with by the judicial system. I have always thought of Steel as a weak individual.

    Lib Dems SUSPEND peer David Steel over child sex scandal after he admitted knowing about the crimes of paedophile MP Cyril Smith
    The former Liberal leader said that sexual predator Cyril Smith confessed to him
    Lord Steel didn’t report the allegations and took no action after the confession
    He said he would act in the same way again despite the fact Smith went on to abuse other victims
    14 March 2019

    Disgusting. Shame on him and the late Smith of course. A sicko.

    • michael norton

      There is something not right about the Liberals / LibDems, they are riven with liars, cheats and perverts, always have been.
      So do all parties but in Liberal land the percentage of wrongerns is huge, they seem to attract these types.
      William Gladstone, Chris Huhne, Jabez Balfour, David Chaytor, Jim Devine, Elliot Morley,
      Jeremy Thorpe, Cyril Smith, Mike Hancock, Lord Rennard, Margaret Moran, Lord Taylor, Simon Hughes

      • Andyoldlabour

        michael norton

        You can add the Green Party to that as well Michael – just Google Aimee Challenor.

  • Ros Thorpe

    A longer extension will allow the slow haemorrhage of business and investment out of the UK as well as building the case for the break up of the union. Still hopefully it will be worth it to keep the Tory party together and in power.

  • David

    NZ , being a small and very strong nation, will soon get to the bottom of this time-coordinated attack, they’ve even sensibly cancelled the Test Match with Bangladesh. My many sympathies to the innocent victims.

    entirely unconnx, neither with brex, are growing calls for politicians to release secret documents about the background of ‘bad faith’ proceedings… it’s not as bad-faith as brexit, it might be worse as my short note here links

    seems that some involved, who were sensibly pro-Ukrainian had their words twisted 180 degrees to make them appear pro-Russkie, (whoever helped Steele compile his reports in the UK might get into big trouble, unless they’ve already resigned, disappeared, or gone to live in Malta)

    • Trowbridge H. Ford

      Hope you are right, but Australia has left much to be desired when it comes to terrorism in New Zealand.

      Recall Australia being the base when Israel wanted to assassinate New Zealand PM Helen Clark for being too opposed to Israel’s policies at home and abroad.

  • Willie

    No deal exit is an economic declaration of war and a war where everyone will lose.

    But who will come off worse, the continental EU with a population and economy eight times the size of the UK, or the insular UK with a population and economy an eighth of the EU.

    Out of Europe and with a nation state that manufactures little, and imports plenty do we think the UK will prosper as a Del Boy spiv offshore banking sector that can feed, cloth and tool up it citezenry with all of the things that it doesn’t produce.

    Maybe we need to send our Trident submarines to lurk off the coast of Germany or send our new aircraft carrier over to Spain to show the Eau how strong we really are.

    For the EU’s part, I think they should now bite the bullet and plan for an EU without the UK. Let the UK become the North Korean autarky it wants to be. To do otherwise would not be in the EU interest since U.K. isolation will ultimately ruin the U.K. economy and weaken a belligerent threatening country that already can not afford its weaponry.

    As for Scotland – time to get out.

    • nevermind

      Willie wants to threaten the EU militarily with ancient nuclear subs, and wants to have his Independence from ?westminster/Europe.
      wee willie does not recognise Scotlands vote to remain it seems.

      Very droll..

  • N_

    Brenton Tarrant says he made some money from investing in Bitconnect, which he used to fund his travel.

    So that’s how some assets get paid nowadays?

  • Sharp Ears

    The BBC News Channel presenter has just read out a transcript of May’s message to the NZ Prime Minister. That is just more of May’s hypocrisy when we know what she really thinks of Muslims.

    May is on video here –
    Her voice seems to have recovered.

    The BBC followed with a live interview with a David Toube of Quilliam. The presenter pronounced the name as ‘Taub’.

    Their press release today

    Yes. That Quilliam. The outfit who tried to close Craig and this website down in 2009.

    LBC (the Tabor family) also give Majid Nawaz room on their channel for his weekend phone in. Such a reasonable man! Quilliam’s founder.

    • Trowbridge H. Ford

      Thanks, Sharp Ears, for the links, showing what a piece of human excrememt Theresa May really is.

  • Dave

    Craig, your premise is the PM wants No Deal, but according to former Brexit Minister Steve Baker giving evidence to the European Committee, the EU offered May a free trade Leave deal which she turned down.

    Instead it appears to me her plan is to exhaust and get parliament to rule out all the options and then revoke Article 50 as the only option left, blaming everyone else for the failure to deliver Brexit.

    I understand the SNP went to the European Court of Justice and got a judgement that UK could arbitrarily revoke article 50, despite the Lisbon Treaty text saying it could only be revoked with the agreement of ALL EU members.

  • Hieroglyph

    Interesting. I have been working under the assumption that, far from hating free movement of labor, May’s whole scheme was to ensure it continues. And the best way to do that, is to have another referendum, to give the UK people another chance to make the ‘correct’ decision. I may well be wrong on that score, given how hard it is to have a read on our PM, but I guess we’ll see.

    Have to disagree with Craig on one aspect of his article. The EU have been accused, quite fairly, of negotiating in bad faith – Greek financial crisis comes to mind. This doesn’t make the EU all bad, nor all good, but personally I’d go for Corbyn’s policy. Back to the common market, with restrictions on free flow of labor. Super states don’t work, ever.

    • Dave

      I’ve just read the EU will grant an extension in return for a referendum. That’s a diplomatic way of saying no extension as I can’t see parliament agreeing to a second referendum. They may, but if not (after parliament rejects May’s deal, No Deal and no extension/2nd referendum) you’re left with No Brexit by revoking article 50 using royal prerogative or statutory instrument!

      • Reg

        Dave I agree with most of that apart from the conclusion.
        The Vote ruling out a no deal Brexit has no legal force as a bill cannot override a statute.
        The vote against a second referendum has indicated no majority for revoking article 50, especially given the strength of the vote against. Theresa May will not revoke article 50 by stationary instrument or Royal prerogative as this would destroy the Tory party for a generation as the Tory membership is far more Eurosceptic than Tory MPs, that would also lead to a large increase in the UKIP/Farage vote and large numbers of Tory MPs losing their seats. Even Theresa May approving a long extension would likely destroy the Tory party and be portrayed as a betrayal of Brexit.

        The only way they might revoke article 50 is a long extension and a election changing the make up of Parliament to one that may support a second referendum..I view this as unlikely given the 2/3 of labour constituencies supporting Leave, and the 3/4 of Tory constituencies also supporting Leave, this is why not enough Tories will defy the whip and support a second referendum, and a significant number of Labour MPs will deny the whip to vote against a second referendum.
        This is indicated by the numbers of labour MPs defying the labour whip to abstain on the second referendum.

        The EU is unlikely to approve a long extension that would entail the UK taking part in EU elections with the likely result result of The UK sending coachloads of UKIP/Farage party to the EU parliament, is likely in the event of a long extension. Indeed Farage threatened the EU parliament with this and has been lobbying Eurosceptic members to veto the extension. This large increase in UKIP/Farage is likely to join a projected large increase in popularist Eurosceptic members across the EU. Guy Verhofstadt (EU Brexit coordinator) and Junkers (President of the EU commission) have both stated explicitly they did not want a long extension with the UK sending large numbers of UKIP supporters to the EU Parliament disrupting the EU. A long extension with EU elections is likely to be treated by leave voters as a defacto 2nd referendum with neither main parties honouring the the first referendum and using UKIP/Farage as a protest vote, or still a no deal Brexit as this is still the default option. Tusk head of the EU Council indicated a willingness to approve a long extension, but would require a deal approved by Parliament that the EU would be willing to agree to, which is unlikely as all 27 EU members have to approve a deal or even an extension. So an extension would require concessions from the UK parliament first.
        Given this the only two likely results are a Brexit in name only agreed in parliament after a short extension or a no deal Brexit as a default outcome as the vote against a no deal is meaningless and has no legal purchase on the article 50 process.

      • nevermind

        Did the EU ask us ALL to vote in another referendum, all those 3 million EU citizens who not only have their voting rights in EU elections cancelled, but are offered nothing but more red tape over their mouth, for the second time.

  • Alyson

    And the day after Brexit NATO troops arrive for a fortnight’s joint exercise. Jolly good.

    “More than 10,000 military personnel, 35 warships, 5 submarines and 59 aircraft and helicopters from 13 countries will take part in Exercise Joint Warrior until 11 April.

    The aim of Joint Warrior is to allow the UK’s Royal Navy, Army, Royal Air Force and their allies to conduct joint operations involving different forces and units and against a range of current and future threats.

    Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson MP said:

    The UK military is a partner of choice for its major international allies and a resolute force for peace around the world. The UK will not waver in continuing to work with its allies to protect our mutual interests.

    Led by the UK, Joint Warrior allows key NATO allies to tackle complex warfare scenarios to ensure that the international community stands fit and ready to work to face any threat together.

    Although run by the UK, Joint Warrior is closely aligned to NATO training aims and is included in the NATO exercise programme.

    Joint Warrior will take place across the UK:

    The Exercise will be controlled and directed from the Maritime Operations Centre at Scotland’s largest military establishment, HM Naval Base Clyde, with a range of air, surface, sub-surface, sea control and maritime security roles being rehearsed off the West Coast of Scotland.
    Air units will coordinate with maritime and land forces, exercising Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), air defence, air mobility and attack. Aircraft will operate from RAF Lossiemouth, Prestwick and Stornoway airports as well as from RAF Leeming, RAF Coningsby, RAF Mildenhall, RAF Marham and RAF Brize Norton.
    Land activity will focus on integrating with close air support at the Cape Wrath naval bombardment range and the RAF bombing range at Tain, supported by the RAF Spadeadam Electronic Warfare Training Range in Cumbria. There will be amphibious landings by Royal Marines at the MOD’s Castlemartin range in Wales and possibly also in Dumfries and Galloway.
    There following nations are taking part in Exercise Joint Warrior: Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, the UK and the US.

    Together these allies and partner nations will deploy 10,300 armed forces personnel (at Sea 6,500 personnel, Land 3,000 personnel and Air 800 personnel)

    After an initial briefing weekend at HMNB Clyde, the exercise splits its participants into two opposing Task Forces starting in the Scottish Exercise Areas (water and airspace generally to the West of Scotland, particularly The Minches). As the exercise progresses elements of the Task Forces will progress south to conduct an amphibious exercise off the South West Coast of Wales.”

  • Sharp Ears

    How Thatcher’s Right to Buy legislation (modified by NuLabour and Cameron) Is working out in Surrey. There is an acute lack of social housing now. There are difficulties in recruiting medical staff in the hospitals as the rentals being charged for housing way exceed ability to pay.

    It’s no good criticizing the people who sell for a profit. They are seeing it happen all around.

    Right to Buy homes in Surrey being sold for as much as £1m, figures reveal
    In one case a homeowner bought their home, only to sell it 21 days later for a profit of £202,500

    • Dave

      The problem wasn’t right to buy, the conservative government, continued by Blair, changed the funding rules to make it impossible for councils to build council housing. Since the localisation of the Housing Revenue Account, introduced by Gordon Brown, councils can now build council housing.

  • SA

    I have just come across this interesting website: Swiss Propaganda research. This article called “The Propganda Multiplier” explains why there is so much uniformity in the news reporting. There are three primary international news agencies AFP, AP and Reuters based in France, US and Britain which are the main source of news. Most other agencies quote from them and have few if any journalists on the ground to report actual events. This introduces a serious bias, especially since the agencies are often fed stories from US and other governments and secret services agents.
    Although we are all aware of this bias, the article is well written and researched and worth a read, as well as others in the website.

  • SA

    Big chunks of conversations seem to have vanished. Did they contain anything we should avoid mentioning? Just for future reference.

  • Douglas Patrick

    Bbc,tory,propaganda machine,sobiased,they,dont,hide,it,anymore, but,they,licencefee,money,so,they,peddle,more,tory,propaganda, it,is,adisgrace

  • May Ayres

    Thank you Craig Murray, I read your blog with great enthusiasm and respect.
    You say that no statue will be made of Theresa May. You may be interested in my own statue of her when she was Home Secretary. ‘Wasn’t it great to say ‘Goodbye’ was my response to her extraditing Talha Ahsan, a scholar, a poet and an Asperger sufferer to the United States despite blocking Gary McInnon’s extradition because of his Asperger’s syndrome.
    If you are interested in her portrayal, you can find it on my website in the ‘War of Aggression’ menu.
    Kind regards,
    May Ayres

  • Roger Ewen

    I concur with your observations.
    Frighteningly, I fined future politics in Scotland, after the Tory extremists have placed all nations in these islands in a no deal situation and thrown out of the E.U. Things then will not be peaceful for any nation, in oerticular, Scotland.
    My conclusion to this process will be the loss of the Scottish parliament, which May has already made clear, and put 3500 military personnel on standby. Standby for what?
    After the Scottish nation won the 70s referendum, the Royal Anglican Regiment were airborn, in C130 aircraft ready to put down any insurrection in .Scotland, by force. Shall we see the same again? Will court cases be held in camra and prison sentences of 56 years plus be placed on individuals as they did to individuals in, Perth, Dundee, etc

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