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Kim Sanders-Fisher

On the Jewish Voice for Labour Website there is an interesting article exposing the fake news of the so called “anti-Semitism crisis” in the Labour Party that helped derail the election. Surely this article: “Smoke Without Fire: The Myth of a ‘Labour Antisemitism Crisis” has the necessary evidence to fight a defamation case that could void the shocking 2019 Election result. JVL Note: “This article by Jamie Stern-Weiner and Alan Maddison features in an eBook on the ‘Labour antisemitism’ controversy edited by Jamie Stern-Weiner, forthcoming from Verso. As of the 2nd December: This FREE eBook is now available…” – Visit the JVL Website to download it.

In the above article there is a useful link to the Media Reform Coalition they revealed that: “The Media Reform Coalition (MRC) has recently provided us with some hard statistical evidence. Its report on media coverage of antisemitism in the Labour Party shows that (perhaps counterintuitively) the BBC and Guardian are among the worst progressive media, offenders.” Who would have thought it!

The embedded link to Glasman’s toxic rant in my last comment has been taken down; I guess he is not so proud of that poorly worded victory outpouring. It could imperil the charitable status of the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism, CAA, as legitimate charities claiming charitable status are supposed to be apolitical. I hope a few of you will take the opportunity to file an official complaint with the Charities Commission reporting CAA for Glasman’s revelling take on CAA’s underlying agenda.

I have provided a functioning new link to this material posted in a piece written by Asa Winstanley for Electronic Intifada called “The beast is slain.” I just hope it hold up for a bit longer so that we can expose this man’s ruthless agenda to sabotage Corbyn and the Labour Vote. Adding a comment and a link back to this forum, I also contacted Asa Winstanley by direct email. I hope he reviews some of the data here, takes an interest and has the time to offer his investigative skills.