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Kim Sanders-Fisher

Cimarrón – Thank you for your input and the chilling links that you provide. Exploring the jingoistic agenda of the Henry Jackson Society and its prominent Hawk members leaves scant room for hope of a positive future. The corrosive nature of their destructive neo-con policies will prevail if we do not fully expose the mechanism of their grip on power both from their access to obscene amounts of funding and through illegal rigging our now only superficially democratic elections.

We can only control the excessive leverage facilitated by vast sums of cash through reforms. However, such reforms will never be put in place until we are able to secure the integrity of our democratic process to install a government that prioritizes the genuine needs of the majority over the power of the global elite. We, the people, have the numbers so their only solution is to warp the count.

It is important to note that IDOX, the company that has grown exponentially to dominate all aspects of the handling and management of our suspect postal votes, is a subsidiary of an Oil and Gas giant. They are highly unlikely to remain neutral in a situation where the electorate votes to dismantle their industry and shrink their profits. Privatization allowed this obvious conflict of interest to further intensify the direct involvement of Tory MP Peter Lilley; it was inevitable that a potential for rigging the vote would result.

Transparency is the best disinfectant. If there has been no wrongdoing in this or previous votes then it can withstand the robust challenge of a full investigation and emerge unscathed. However, that will not necessarily prove that our electoral process is riddled with weaknesses and ripe for future abuse. I want to launch a Petition that covers these core demands, but this would need the support of people with better Social Media connections than I have.

I read an earlier comment #49522 from J, posted on the 6th of December, about a petition on the 38 Degrees website that had rapidly garnered votes before it vanished without notice or explanation.
“I note this petition gained over 6,500 signatures in its first 24 hours but has subsequently disappeared from 38 Degree’s website. Could be significant.” The Petition stated: Demand an independent investigation into the 2019 general election we suspect fraud corruption…

I contacted 38 Degrees to try and get an explanation as to why this happened and left messages with the staff for a member of the Petitions Team to get back to me as a matter of some urgency. I have now made three calls that have all been essentially ignored; I still know nothing. On the Website it says: “Got something you want to ask or tell the 38 Degrees office team?” You can contact them by emailing: [email protected] or give them a call on Call: 0207 8460 093. Perhaps you will have better luck getting a definitive response than I did,