Murder in Samarkand Nominated 8

If you scroll down, down, down on this link, far, far past Chris Evans and Nick Ferrari, you will see that serious radio still does exist, and that Murder in Samarkand, by David Hare, adapted from my memoir, has just been nominated for best radio drama at the Sony Radio Awards. I do hope it wins – the BBC may have to dust it down and make it available somewhere other than on this website.

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8 thoughts on “Murder in Samarkand Nominated

  • Stevie

    Excellent news. Not only is it a great nomination in it's own right, but hopefully it'll help circulate a very important story that we seem too happy to forget.

  • Uzbek from UK

    Congratulations, Mr Murray. I wish the book itself was also nominated for an award as it is brilliant and very touching.

    I am not sure if you are aware but Turkish businesses were kicked out of Uzbekistan in large numbers recently. If you recall Demir, so it is now closed as well as around 50 other large and medium Turkish enterprises. Thousands of people lost their jobs because of this. And some of the markets (bazaars) were also closed.

  • numb3rstation

    Congrats Craig. I know its a cliche but if there is any justice this will win. Out of interest have you ever had feedback positive / negative from others who were depicted (not sure if correct word as audio and not visual) – for example – the American ambassador at the time?

  • ingo

    Good luck with it, Craig, it is worth a recognition. The BBC would have to give it more prominence and to crunching sounds of white enamel, speak up for it with praise, against their best politically biased advice.
    Lets hope they do not want to shoot down their own nomination for political expedience.
    PS what happened to this mornings contribution?

  • Derek

    I read "Murder in Samarkand" and all I could say is "This man must have no regard for his own safety or life". I have also seen him operate at close quarters in Ghana [The best place to be at any time] and I am convinced that he is driven by his conscience to do what is right, no matter the consequences to himself. I know good things come to the just, I also know that he is only human but if you believe in God, you must accept that he is one of the wingless angels – a voice for the unheard and disregarded.

  • somebody

    Soon Karimov, Netanyahu, Olmert, Livni and ALL other assorted criminals and war criminals will be able to visit this country without fear of arrest. The amendment got through the Commons yesterday and, after going through the Lords, will become law.

    Bella Freud and others write here on the ramifications.

    as does Daniel Machover who does not make it clear that this amendment will ensure carte blanche in Israel. The entity can literally get away with murder in the past and for evermore.

    • ingo

      If the state abrogates rightfull law and protects those that have broken human rights and killed, then there is no regress left and people with strong beliefs, who want to uphold a resemblance of a mutually respected, lawfull society will eventually take to their own resolve.
      As there is not much rightfull alleys of reprisal left for the like's of Alisher U. and the Karimov's, then I really could not condemn anybody's actions in future, regardless of what form they take.

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