Happy Birthday Nadira 6

A happy day in the Murray household today – it’s Nadira’s birthday. Emily is with us and this evening we are all going to see Burnt By The Sun at the National. Jamie is in San Diego, but thinking of us. Janet is coming round to give Nadira a birthday massage, and I am going to watch again the highlights of Australia getting stuffed in the last one day international, then doze off for an afternoon nap. Five weeks now till the new baby arrives.

Thought I would give you that to show that being angry at the injustices perpetrated by the powerful on the weak, does not mean you can’t be happy in life.

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6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Nadira

  • Ruth

    You are absolutely right. But it is difficult to live without money particularly if you’re used to a good standard of living.

    But peace in mind is a far greater value than anything material. I’ve noticed that those in government who comply with immoral requests have very heavy heads and are stressed beyond reason.

    I think you’re doing a brilliant job and deserve great respect.

  • George Dutton

    Happy birthday Nadira.

    “happy in life”

    Thats something sadly the powerful will NEVER have and because they do what they do it’s something I can never truly have.

  • Finisterre

    Happy Birthday Nadira!

    Very best wishes from a couple that you probably don’t remember! We passed the two of you walking down Elsham Road in Kensington about a year or so ago, then decided to rush back and tell Nadira how much we’d liked her play. I think you probably thought we were muggers at first, but Nadira was happy we’d liked it and we were glad we’d said.

    Reading this post and the resentful one about the New Labour trough-dwellers, I do think you are the happier ones, y’know. I think this government will be remembered as one of the most appalling lot of utterly amoral rightwingers in recent history, whereas you are one of the few people left in Britain with a genuine claim to integrity in public life. So all you need to do is sit back and wait – they’ll be judged as they deserve eventually.

    Have a great day. 🙂

  • Dilfuza

    Dorogaya Nadira,

    Pozdravlyayem tebya ot vsey dushi s dnem tvoego rojdeniya!!! Jelayem tebe krepkogo zdorov’ya, dolgih let prekrasnoy i veseloy jizni, chtobi vse tvoi jelaniya vsegda sbivalis i tvoi blizkie ludi vsegda tebya tolko radovali.


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