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Kim Sanders-Fisher

SA – Peter – I get this incredibly creepy feeling that I am trapped in a dystopian Ira Levin plotline and there is no way to escaping the inevitable doom and disaster. Truth be told I have felt that way for months on end now. I fully admit that I don’t know enough about the individual supportive organizations behind the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists to judge them one way or the other.

I look at the impressive track record of the ICIJ noting that they have broken a number of serious anti-establishment stories in the past: so why not this one? It is still worth a shot. Does Schlosberg only take issue with the damaging propaganda being spewed by the BBC, or is he just as concerned about other factors that skewed the Labour vote in the 2019 General Election? Does he too suspect that the election was rigged? Can we get Justin Schlosberg, Des Freedman or both of them interested in looking into the possibility of a serious vote rigging scandal so that we can build the case for overturning the vote?

The talking heads are ruminating over the fabricated tale of Labour’s disgraceful demise; trying desperately to bed-in that fake news so that it is 100% universally accepted as the new truth, just like all those years of being forced to regurgitate the vile lie that all the devastating austerity cuts really were “necessary” or be universally derided as a heretic! Labour MPs are being invited on air by the same right-wing attack dogs who drowned-out their election pledges with false accusations. Now they are expected to beat their chest till they draw blood: one after another they willingly comply. Which of the enfeebled centrist warriors will the Tories promote to lead the token opposition “tribute act?”

The wistful talk of “borrowed votes” and the Labour Party fighting back to take on the Tories again in five years time, is completely delusional. This is just a cheap Tory con trick, as I fear there will be no such opportunity. I am absolutely convinced that if we do not oust this corrupt government very swiftly, we will experience what will morph into a hard right-wing dictatorship within this year. All of the classic signs are there in plain sight: Boris Johnson’s absolute control over all Tory party MPs, his plans for disempowering parliament and the judiciary, his desire to gag our free press and manipulate the BBC, pledges to curtail the right to strike or to protest and the targeting of vulnerable minority groups.

All of these moves represent classic hallmarks of a dangerous rising dictatorship. Such narcissistic megalomaniac leaders maintain a paper thin veneer of democracy though absolute control of the media and the occasional rigged election. Every time a so called “strong man” seizes power it takes several decades to overthrow that total stranglehold on power to finally remove them from office. Is Boris even in control or is Trump, Bannon or Dominic Cummins actually pulling the strings? The December Crash-Out Brexit with panic and food riots will offer Boris a perfect opportunity to flex military muscle, ostensibly to restore law and order, but in reality to solidify state oppression under his command.

We need to stop fantasizing about tightening up the electoral system for another chance at a free and fair vote in five years time because Boris controls all the rules and regulations so that they will be manipulated to his advantage. We must get real and deal with the reality of our last chance to rescue our democracy. I think that there is a tipping point where it becomes worthwhile to take a big risk and go out on a limb. If the sensational news story is big enough then it becomes a career accelerator for the Investigative Journalist who uncovers the truth; that is a huge reputational boost. Can we get Schlosberg to take on our cause? I have to believe there is a possible way through this or I really would give up hope.