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Kim Sanders-Fisher

How did the Brexit Campaign grow such sturdy legs to march us out of the EU? It caught on with the branding of its highly memorable name BREXIT. British exit from the EU was compacted into an easily recognizable abbreviation that drove home the core essence of its disastrous message. To get a story noticed it takes a really eye catching headline and a short, sharp, name brand that acts as a “hook” to lure the public’s interest over and over again. In recent years these powerful compacted messages have morphed into popular Hashtags that go viral on twitter.

Due to my lack of social media skills, I am not quite sure how one launches a successful Hashtag. However, I realize that exposing the atrocity of this stolen election requires a really memorable Hashtag. There are a few out there in circulation already: #VOTEFRAUD, #GEF2019, #ElectoralFraud, #ElectionFraud, #RiggedElection, #IDOX, etc., but they do not necessarily identify and lock-in the Tories as the sole culprits. I would suggest: #TORYRIG2019. Why might this compacted name propel our cause?

#TORYRIG2019 is a logical combination that says it all: the Tory rigging of an election in 2019: #TORYRIG2019. “Torrid” amply describes this scorching hot topic that we cannot allow to cool by chilling-out in apathetic acceptance as we head towards the Titanic failure of a crash-out Brexit slamming into the giant berg as we enter the Ice Age of our Democracy!

#TORYRIG2019 can also function as a bold standalone headline, inciting curiosity and intense public interest that will definitively separate this ongoing scandal from the known distractions of a multitude of historic incidents and reports of individuals charged with personating at the polls. It avoids publicising the Tory push for Voter ID that will disenfranchise millions of voters! This diversion has proved very effective so far as the Tories have been able to deflect legitimate accusations regarding ballot stuffing of the postal votes through their whataboutery where they point to Labour as the source of all voting fraud.

#TORYRIG2019 is an exclusively Tory issue; they own it lock stock and barrel. It would be propelled to the top of any Internet search on vote rigging, free and clear of all those other headlines about one off arrests or the scandal in Tower Hamlets. If #TORYRIG2019 shoots to the top of the search page it would facilitate information gathering by those interested in accessing the evidence on this specific rigged election favouring a Tory win using rigged postal votes. Rapidly finding results will rescue our campaign from the oblivion of page 2 search wilderness that no one goes to.

Here are a few related examples for down the line after #TORYRIG2019 has become well and truly established as a headline grabber: #TORYRIG2017 – For the Tories less successful attempt to steal our votes; thwarted by huge youth engagement and vastly increased Labour turnout. #BREXIRIG2016 – For the stolen Brexit Referendum vote in 2016. What about: #SCINDIRIG2014 – For the rigged Scottish Independence Referendum of 2014; that title has all the flare of a wildly swinging highland kilt!

Although neither of these recent two highly suspicious referendums can be directly attributed to Tory vote rigging alone the same methodology was being developed manipulating the outsourced handling of the electoral process among other underhand Tory tactics. #TORYRIG can be transferred to other earlier votes, which I am in little doubt the Tories also tried to rig before gaining full control via IDOX. Why do the Tories deserve to own this so completely? If the weaknesses were fully exposed any responsible government would act swiftly to close the safety loopholes and secure the electoral vote. The Tories are not at all interested in this area of vote security.

Do we need to go a lot further to restore true Democracy in the UK? The Labour Party would probably act decisively to renationalize our electoral process and they would not be afraid to follow the Venezuelan example to legitimize all future votes. We might even decide to join the ranks of civilized democracies by ditching our unrepresentative First Past the Post Elections process. We could also formulate a proper written constitution to protect our citizens rights and create a democratically elected second chamber to replace the “Vermin in Ermine” in the House of Lords.

But, urgent priority number one is to expose the truth and correct the gross injustice of this rigged election. So let’s get the message out there loud and clear with a distinctive headline grabbing Hashtag: #TORYRIG2019!