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Kim Sanders-Fisher

J – (Toussaint) Many Thanks for your valuable boost to get my petition noticed; I really appreciated seeing the complementary twitter post re: 2019 TORY LANDSLIDE VICTORY DEMANDS URGENT NATIONWIDE INVESTIGATION

I have been plodding away sending out emails to all my contacts some of whom have high profile Facebook pages. All of the other petitions, mostly posted on, appear to be stalled and not making any further headway. Mine differs in that it focuses on fixing what is wrong with the system as well as attempting to correct the injustice of the rigged 2019 Election. I am hoping this strategy will strike a nerve and the petition will go viral: do please pass the link on to friends

I do not understand why when I enter the title of my petition into the “duckduckgo” or “Bing” search engine the link to my petition page in AVAAZ tops the list. However, when I enter the petition title into a Google search I get zip! I have even tried to add the words “AVAAZ Petition” but Google still draws an absolute blank as if the page simply does not exist. Only when I paste the full length link into the link box and press the arrow does it finally go direct to the page.

Is Google falling down on the job or just steering me in the wrong direction because they too have an agenda? I am switching my searches to “duckduckgo.” Duckduckgo offer greater privacy and they do not track your search history. This is good if you do not want to be directed by algorithms and prefer to be guided by your own intuition. Any advise on this matter is welcome.