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Kim Sanders-Fisher

In my response to the encouraging support from SA on Craig’s latest Blog post I responded by saying that: “While I greatly appreciate your endorsement of my efforts in trying to expose the vote rigging that I firmly believe corrupted the 2019 General Election, we cannot put pressure on Craig to direct the content of this Blog. If and when he feels inspired to write more about his conclusions following the extraordinary “landslide” victory that Boris Johnson inexplicably pulled off, like the rabbit out of a hat, then we will all benefit from his astute deductions, but until then this is after all Craig Murray’s Blog.”

We do need to be respectful of that fact, so I continued by saying: “I am grateful to Craig for tolerating my impassioned rants on the Discussion Forum: “Elections Aftermath; Was our 2019 Vote & the EU Referendum Rigged?” This has provided a vital forum space for myself and others to keep those interested in seeking justice fully informed about any progress via comments and the numerous links to the gathering evidence. There are also ways to actively participate through signing one or more of the online Petitions via Links posted on this “Elections Aftermath” forum.”

I hope that many of you will take the time to visit the Nine Important Petitions that I linked to in an earlier post and forward these Links to your friends. In my reply to SA I also posted a Link to the Blog site I only recently discovered: “The Daily GasLamp,” dedicated to exposing the corruption that has perpetrated our Electoral System. In one of my previous comments I included several excerpts from their Blog to provide a flavour of the content so far and these can be found along with Links to the Blog by visiting that forum post.

In a number of the Blog posts written by Craig prior to the Election he applied his trademark standard of level-headed logical thinking that indicated we were heading for something far closer to a hung parliament, which would at least have made a modicum of sense. In Craig’s pre-election posts: “Do Not Despair of This Election,” “The Truth About this Election,” “The Invisible Tories” and “The Largest Vote Swings in British General Election History,” he wrote of his doubts regarding support for a sizable Tory victory.

On the 21st of November, in “Do Not Despair of This Election,” Craig started by pointing out the worrying stance of those who participated in an early TV debate, where Boris kept repeating “get Brexit done” no matter what question was asked of him and Jo Swinson expressed a sickening desire to press the nuclear button! Although he acknowledged Corbyn had missed a few of the classic Labour open goals the press verdict was not great for Boris Johnson: “You Gov’s verdict of a 51 to 49 victory for Johnson was very dubious indeed.” He wrote.

He went on to add: “…even that would be a major advance for Corbyn given the constant barrage of unfair media demonization to which he has been subjected in the last five years. Almost seven million people watched the event live, a significant audience. Parity with that audience is a very good start for Labour. I suspect it really went better than that. YouGov have a long and dishonourable history as Tory push pollsters.” Sadly that was at a point where we all believed that BBC impartiality rules would benefit Corbyn during the campaign: if that standard had only been applied.

When Craig reminded us of the failure of May’s election bid: “The Tory campaign of closed workplace addresses, artificial set-up encounters and a constant simple soundbite slogan is repeating the formula that failed so spectacularly in 2017. “Get Brexit Done” is going to annoy voters as much as “Strong and Stable”…” This made perfect sense as Boris stuck to the disastrous campaign strategy like super glue; how could it possibly have resulted in such a spectacular victory?

On the 7th of December In “The Truth About this Election” Craig reminded us that: “The undeniable truth is that almost precisely as many voters have deserted the Tories as have switched to them. Hence they are on the same percentage.” He said “…an equal number of voters have deserted the Tory Party.” Here was Craig’s “zinger” regarding the BBC’s biased manipulation of Vox Pops; according to his tally: “…57 vox pop/audience members saying they are deserting Labour, because of Brexit/Corbyn. I have tallied 1 – yes ONE – audience member (and zero vox pop) saying they are abandoning the Tories over Brexit/Johnson.” So we were being manipulated, who’d have thunk it?

Craig deduced that ignoring the media spin, although the Tories were not in retreat they had not progressed beyond their 2017 level of support either; progressive voters should just “vote smart” making cautious tactical choices to avoid a Tory victory.

On the 9th of December In his post “The Invisible Tories Craig exposed the unreliability of what many of us call the “Push Poles:” “Survation are showing a swing from Labour to Conservative in London of 13.5%. That is absolutely massive, and nobody believes that is happening on the ground.” Highlighting their lacklustre campaigning, in conclusion he wrote “In short, I am absolutely unable to square the opinion polls with the evidence of my own eyes and ears.”

On the 11th of December just one day before the General Election Craig write: “The Largest Vote Swings in British General Election History,” I forensically dissected the implications of these massive vote swings against the actual election results in a previous post so I will not repeat the data here. However Craig’s post focused on the one sided presentation of this information by the media and what would have transpired if that bias was removed: “…It would have challenged the entire government narrative. But the media have not done this. They have instead chosen to tell only the pro-government side of this story of electoral swings. This is probably the worst period of concerted state and billionaire controlled media propaganda in the modern history of the “democratic West”.”

Craig concluded by saying: “Ask yourself this simple question. The Tory vote has not increased since 2017. Have you heard that simple fact stated on the broadcast media and is it the impression the broadcast media have been giving?” The answer now exactly as it was then: the BBC have no intention of presenting the true facts and their unwavering support of the Tories has not paid off by protecting this public service from the ravages of Tory cuts and threats of privatization. Craig also said that: “The final reason to believe that the Tory lead will narrow from the YouGov constituency model poll is that they themselves reported this.”

It is well worth reviewing these earlier Blog post to gauge Craig’s gut feeling about the highly unpredictable result of the December election and how his analysis was in stark contradiction to the “landslide” victory claimed by the Tories. Indeed there was such a wealth of evidence to support my suspicion that the 2019 General Election result was rigged that I have referred back to these earlier posts here on the Elections Aftermath forum. We can thoroughly trust Craig not to try to make the current Media/BBC propaganda fit the Tory objective or enable Boris Johnson to perpetrate his lies. I will patiently await Craig’s input on the matter.