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Kim Sanders-Fisher

J – We must try to start coordinating the effort more effectively or it will fade away as everyone sinks back into their depressed state of fatalistic complacency. A few of those who regularly visit Craig’s Blog check in here sporadically, but among those few who can we count on to ramp up the Social Media contacts? There are people on both Twitter and Facebook who could be of great value due to their huge following and I think this is possibly more valuable than newspaper ads and it’s expense free. Could you for example contact someone like Rachael_Swindon on Facebook because she could provide a far more effective megaphone than costly print ads.

We need those activists on Twitter to post Links to this Forum and “The Daily GasLamp” where regular information is available. There are a total of Nine relevant Petitions that I found and provided Links to here on this Forum post: #50261 to have them all together in one place. Despite the repeated posting of a Link to my Petition it is barely shifting as so few have gone there to sign; it seems most other Petitions are progressing just as slowly. There is now a dedicated website, “The Daily GasLamp,” posting information specifically related to the rigged election, the PsyOps used by Cambridge Analytica to target voters and other aspects of this growing problem of Electoral Fraud, but although I have posted Links, relatively few people are finding this new site.

The biggest problem we appear to have is coordinating between all of the people working on this and gathering all of the evidence and information in one place. “Postal Vote Investigation @PostalVoteProbe” on Twitter is gathering valid evidence and so is another person on Twitter “Facts Central @StillDelvingH,” but we need to connect the dots. Because I am not on Twitter, I find it really hard to keep track of who posted what and when, but I don’t think I could handle the stress of joining. In hindsight I am really glad I never joined Facebook; the more we know about the company the creepier it sounds.

Facebook and Twitter may be the only way to lure an Investigative Journalist to our cause or attract a really high profile Facebook activist to widely publicize the situation. I have tried to post comments on other sites and reply to articles posted on the Internet, but the frequent, fast paced, very brief quips from a smart phone are not in my skill set. My mobile is MIA since I put it aside when the screen got damaged; I am also dyslexic and so uncoordinated I never send texts anyway. I do realize that a huge amount can be achieved through Twitter, Facebook, etc messaging; if you have good connections please make smart use of them to promote this cause.

Posting comments after articles appearing online is really great way to get the word out there cost free. In terms of paid print Ads we might do better to consider the team at “Led by Donkeys” as they already have experience and contacts through past Crowdfunding campaigns. They are well recognized and made a significant impact with their efforts, but they might now be looking for a new way to direct their talents following the disastrous 2019 Election. If their team were to realize that this vote was probably rigged and a new campaign could potentially expose the truth to change the outcome, we might get very enthusiastic support. The only contacts for them that I can find is via Facebook or Twitter.

I will stick to my comments and trying to maintain a resource on this Forum so that the background information is available in at least one place online. As a former Whistleblower myself, I know the importance of finding a fertile reservoir of support as it ensures that a potential informant knows there are people who will be believe them if and when they come forward. I feel certain that there are potential informants out there, who have critical evidence that could blow this scandal wide open, but they are being intimidated into silence. Part of that strategy is to convince the Whistleblower that no one will ever believe them and that the public have now moved on. The regular postings here and on the GasLamp help to prove that is not the case.

I have also tried to email the Consortium of Investigative Journalists, Open Democracy, plus Carole Cadwalladr, John Pilger and others, but no response yet. These organizations and high profile Journalists receive a blizzard of emails and it is very hard to cut through that clutter. Can you contact or connect via Twitter or Facebook with the people that I am failing to reach? Try to get in touch with the “Led by Donkeys” team. It will only boost our cause if any of these people hear from several passionate progressive activists on the same subject; I think this is our most vital next move so I hope you can commit to helping out.