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Kim Sanders-Fisher

The Rigged “Landslide” Tory Victory in the 2019 Election: “If you are going to tell a lie, you better make it a really big lie…” Just yesterday evening BBC 2 aired a Party Political Broadcast on Behalf of the Conservative Party… Yes, that’s right the same Tory Party that supposedly just won an eighty seat majority in parliament in that miraculous “landslide” victory! In the run up to an election the BBC has an obligation to provide equal air time to all political parties, but it is unprecedented for this to continue over two months after the votes have been cast! Why squander precious advertising funds on political broadcasting in prime time right after winning an election with such a huge majority?

The Tories cannot quite believe their success in pulling off this massive con trick, so they obviously feel that right now they can’t take any chances and it is still necessary to pump out relentless propaganda to support their stolen victory. The ad featured an ordinary looking chap who was supposedly one of those thousands of lifelong Labour supporters who switched allegiance to vote for Boris Johnson. He was not a random voter stopped on the street, no, he was perched on a high stool alone in a studio under the spotlights telling his woeful tale of feeling betrayed, ready to feign surprise when Boris entered from stage left to reassure him about his “borrowed vote.”

That “Borrowed Vote” line is getting trotted out on a regular basis right now in an effort to justify the inexplicable phenomenon of so many staunch former Labour supporters in the north of England who allegedly “lent” their vote to the party responsible for a decade of unforgivable neglect while consciously inflicted suffering and torment by implementing their needless austerity policies. These charlatans should try filming their next pro-Tory Party political broadcast at a food bank or where people are standing in line waiting for the jobcentre to open so they can endure another painfully humiliating grilling to obtain a pitance to survive on Universal Credit. These long suffering citizens didn’t willingly lend their vote to the Tories: it was stolen from them in a rigged Election!

The Tories will keep feeding us that lie while it remains as unconvincing as the lie on the side of their Brexit campaign bus; as unconvincing as the lie about delivering “The Will of the People;” as unconvincing as “40 new Hospitals;” now, just as unconvincing as ever, Boris desperately elaborates on the tall tale of the remarkable “borrowed votes.” All of these lies will corrode and come apart in time as the sordid truth is fully exposed to the public. “The Will of the Sheeple” as this Tory Government sells off our NHS to the powerful US Healthcare Corporations who might actually build those impressive new Hospitals exclusively for the wealthy elite.

This disaster can only by accomplished if you are willing to accept the highly improbable scenario where the most vulnerable, impoverished and severely exploited citizens, living in the most consistently deprived areas of this country, chose to risk watching their own children starve by voting for their sadistic tormentors to “Get Brexit Done” on behalf of the supper wealthy backers that continue to fund Boris Johnson. I do not believe for one instant that the entire country was gripped by an overwhelming case of collective Stockholm Syndrome and nor should you as it is just not credible.

Ask yourself why the Tories are so insecure about their win that despite a “Landslide” victory they are still desperately pitching to reinforce the legitimacy of the election result in party political public service broadcasts? They know that huge swaths of the population are deeply disturbed by the result and the devastating implications posed by another decade of deprivation and chronic exploitation under the Tories. The Tories will blame vindictive sabotage from the EU, the Corona Virus, those warned of “bumps in the road” any excuse to abandon the latest lies about “levelling up.” The PM knows that ditching austerity to invest in equality for deprived areas is completely incompatible with core Tory values.

The purpose of this forum, The Daily GasLamp and others is to fully expose the lies by unravelling the complex web of corruption that allowed Boris Johnson to steal the 2019 Election. We urgently need a far more coordinated response, with those who have an abundance of regular Social Media contacts posting information, evidence and crucial links to all of their online friends and followers via Facebook, Twitter and other Websites. People are already starting to ask questions and sign Petitions calling for Investigations into the Election result; my earlier Post #50261 lists a grand total of Nine Petitions including my own Petition to “Rescue our Watchdog:” 2019 TORY LANDSLIDE VICTORY DEMANDS URGENT NATIONWIDE INVESTIGATION.

Please do not procrastinate over this important issue, Boris Johnson wants you to give up and accept his lies or he would not be still continuing to ply the same tired pitch day after day on TV and in the press. Despite the recent Tory attacks aimed at the BBC they have compliantly stayed on message with their reporters and interviewers focusing on reinforcing the broken legitimacy of this stolen vote. Labour Party MPs have been forced into repeated public humiliation attempting to scrutinize the unfathomable defeat in support of this warped Tory agenda. We need people to contact their MP and state categorically that they firmly believe that this vote might have been rigged and their representatives should disown the Fake News of a historic Labour defeat. At the very least this defeat has been grossly over exaggerated to comply with Tory spin.

No matter what your personal belief is regarding the shock result of the 2019 Election, there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that our Electoral System is wide open to serious fraud on an industrial scale. The UK Electoral Commission is toothless: “A Watchdog that cannot Watch is just a Dog!” Can we really afford to continue to ignoring the critical flaws in our Electoral System just because they are too unimportant for the ruling Tory Party to vote for increasing the powers of this vital public watchdog? Only immense public pressure can force the investigation that the Tories fear could delegitimize their victory and oust them from power. Work with us to make this a reality!

Endless foreign engagements in support of the US, atrocities like selling arms to foreign despots and the persecution of an innocent Journalist and Political Prisoner Julian Assange who now faces extradition, torture and death in the US: this will not end unless we remove this toxic Tory Government from power. If you have not yet done so, Please sign the Petition to Free Julian Assange.