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Paul Barbara

@ Clark,

I am not going to try to chase down court documents to show that Silverstein only paid one monthly installment on the WTC lease, and that it was a pittance, nor that he had the clauses inserted into the insurance covering for destruction by terrorist attack and giving him the right to rebuild on the site if the buildings were destroyed. These things have been accepted for years by the Truther community.
For interest, assuming Silverstein knew about the asbestos problem, why would he have bought the lease anyway? It was uneconomic to remove the asbestos by hand, or to demolish the buildings by hand, and illegal to bring them down with controlled demolishion. How ‘Lucky’ was he? If ‘9/11’ didn’t happen, he would have bought a massive White Elephant, a huge money drain. Silverstein may be a lot of things, but he was not a foolhardy business man (like Bush Jr. or Trump).
Two more things – I know you believe Barry Jennings was mistaken or confused when he said he looked one way, and the Tower was there, looked back and it was gone. But that was what he said (in essence), which means he was saying the Twins were still standing when the stairs EXPLODED under him and his companion. But even if he did make a mistake or was confused (which I don’t buy) how do you cope with the stairs ‘exploding’? Rubble, even if Tower 2 had collapsed, would not have been able to bring down the 8th floor stairs, or do you think it could have? If so, how? And don’t say they rigged the WTC 7 with explosives, because there would have been no reason to bring it down before the Towers came down, and even if one Tower had come down before the stairs exploded, it would have just occurred, so plans would not even have been possible to have been made, never mind implemented.
And Danny Jowenko (like Barrie Jennings) died in very strange circumstances. A single-car fatal crash, head-on into a tree (like Michael Hastings). Have you ever heard of ‘Boston Brakes’? It is a method of taking control of a car from a distance, like the Boeing Honeywell Uninterruptible Autopilot.