On Getting Old and Pompous 4

Sometimes I really don’t like myself. A friend phoned and asked me whether they would see me at the demonstration for Palestine that took place yesterday in Trafalgar Square.

I replied “I haven’t been invited.”

Except of course you don’t have to be invited to go and swell the numbers at a demo and make your own personal statement of belief. The truth is, I am getting conceited and expect to be “noticed”.

That can partly be defended on the basis that I can use my time more productively. But it it not a pleasant trait.

Anyway, here is a video of me making a two minute speech on Gaza a few weeks ago.


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4 thoughts on “On Getting Old and Pompous

  • eddie

    Shame you did not go. You must control that ego. I am wondering why there have been no demos and occupations over the situation in Sr Lanka where thousands have died. The situation there is far worse than in Gaza and yet not a peep from the STWC. Surely it can’t be because the West is not to blame and no Jews are involved? I would hate to think the stoppers have no sense of balance and no principles in these matters.

  • MerkinOnParis

    ‘ . . . wondering why there have been no demos and occupations over the situation in Sr Lanka . . .

    Simply nonsense, as usual.

    Even Michael Martin was forced to acknowledge the protest despite the MSM trying to hush it up.

  • eddie

    The demos at Parliament have been Tamil organised. No stoppers in evidence. On the STWC website the only mention of the protests is to attack police methods. “For weeks now Tamils living in Britain have protested outside parliament…” Where are the SWP, the stoppers and all the unwashed masses who protested Gaze? I rest my case.

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