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Are you claiming that Silverstein, or more likely Silverstein Properties or some such, stopped paying the lease after the attack?

“These things have been accepted for years by the Truther community.”

My experience is that five kinds of baloney “have been accepted for years by the Truther community”. The reason for that is that anyone who dares challenge any of it gets this kind of treatment, or told that they should be “taken out and shot”. Really. ‘Redacted’ just there accused me of being brain damaged, just like Dave accused me of having “sold my soul”, and none of you ever call them out for it. It’s bullying, and that’s why the Truther scene is full of nonsense.

Barry Jennings contradicted himself in the first and second parts of the interview. That’s no big deal in accounts of traumatic events; it’s not an insult, it’s just a fact. It is known that the collapse of WTC1 caused the “explosion” because that’s when the lights went out, and that time is known because it’s also when the alarms stopped sounding, because the emergency power was destroyed. I’m sure it did seem very much like an explosion; Hess thought so too, but it wasn’t. Yes, debris falling from nearly half a kilometre up could certainly have damaged the 8th floor stairs; some of it fell from the 110th floor so of course it could. WTC7 had an enormous gash in its front from the falling debris.

If Jowenko’s death is suspicious, why don’t you listen to what he said? He said that if asbestos didn’t need to be removed and an asbestos-free certificate obtained, WTC7 could have been rigged with explosives on the afternoon of 9/11. Yeah, I know that car computer security breaches have been demonstrated and control systems can be interfered with; computer security is a (fairly minor) interest of mine. Jowenko also said that the Twin Towers just collapsed without explosives; he was completely adamant about that.