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Kim Sanders-Fisher

TWITTER STORM: A Social Media Demand for Accountability; “What’s the Tories Fault?” #ToriesFault
At 7PM yesterday evening Benefits News launched a Social Media campaign calling for the public to hold the Tories to account. A Canary Article quoted Benefits News’s apt description of “the same old Tories” as they detailed the poor start to Johnson’s premiership saying: “…their complete lack of moral decency and callous ideology has been long established. There are several Tories who should have been booted already. The UK deserves better than this corrupt, conniving lot, so we’re going to expose them some more.”

During Boris Johnson’s Election campaign he tried really hard to convince the British public that his Government team was new, different and dynamic, but in reality the only change of direction for his new vision Tories was to take an extreme lurch to the far right and commit to an ultra hard Brexit or a “No Deal” crash out of the EU. The appalling track record of the Tory Party over the last decade is not something that their former Foreign Secretary can conveniently distance himself from as if he did not play a major role in the preceding Tory Government.

Even if we were to give Boris Johnson a clean break with the punitive policies of Cameron and May while ignoring several times when, as Foreign Secretary, he was a cringe worthy national embarrassment due to personal undiplomatic blunders in his disgraceful past, he has not done well as PM. His disinterested, “I’ll show up when I feel like it” attitude prompted Jeremy Corbyn to launch a well deserved scathing attack during PMQs when he dubbed Johnson a “Part Time Prime Minister.” If he couldn’t be persuaded to get his bum of a Caribbean beach to return to the UK as we faced the serious potential threat of war, just what does it take?

Johnson’s aversion to public appearances and interviews as he distances himself from all public scrutiny is getting much harder to plausibly explain no matter how eagerly the BBC try to cover for him. He could have visited the flood zone in high-vis jacket, boots, sans poser mop and bucket; surely the northern “Borrowed Votes” brigade would have welcomed their intrepid leader? Boris didn’t need to be warned, he knew he wasn’t at all welcome. An angry mob of jeering flood victims might have revealed the fact that few in the devastated northern communities had voted Tory; he betrayed them when he stole their votes so it was time to slink away.

There is no shortage of material with which to lambast Boris Johnson and his team of incompetent charlatans. Of the Faults listed in the Canary article as occurring “All in the space of a few months…” Court actions over Universal Credit while a think-tank finds we are still poorer than in 2008; ‘eugenicist’ Andrew Sabisky’s appointment; the “Jamaica 50” deportation flight; the abandoned rights of child refugees after Brexit; the sluggish response to floods and the Corona Virus are but a few.

I would add to the list that includes the dubious decision of a man with no backbone imposing a Boris branded “Spine” up the UK with HS2. Despite my relief over the court ruling against that third runway at Heathrow, many of us are disappointed that Boris will not be volunteering himself to be flattened by a bulldozer! No one was particularly surprised to hear that life expectancy is now in decline. We observe in horror the cruelty of this Government in its persecution of Julian Assange as we await a ruling by the Kangaroo court convened to torment and extradite this Political Prisoner and Journalist as a warning to all conscientious journalists worldwide. The consequences of exposing and criticizing global bully America are grave; sign the Petition: Free Julian Assange.

The sad truth is that it takes a few progressive news outlets to bring the constant Tory failures and injustices to our attention when the BBC and right wing press fail to hold them to account. But this campaign is about us, it’s our shout, so let’s make it a really loud one. This is a chance to grab public attention through Social Media with an opportunity to yell “shame on you” to this failing Tory Government. I’m not much good at Hashtags or Social Media for that matter, but it is good to see #ToryFault trending, I only wish I could spur the same interest in #TORYRIGGED2019 and #TORYWARPED.

All protest action can make a difference this is a call to arms; the first of March has now passed, but we need to maintain laser like focus and momentum to delegitimize the Tory Party as we seek to remove them from office. “USE #ToriesFault … on every tweet, meme , pic, news article, that exposes everything that is the Tories’ fault. The aim is you, in your masses, get this hashtag in the top trending list, you do it fast and furious and keep going.” Don’t forget the Petition to challenge the vote: