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The situation is fast moving and yesterday was a gloomy day. I wondered how Russia could let armed Turkish drones fly into Syria and upset the recent SAA gains and get away with it. But the Turkish gains are being reversed and who knows what goes on behind the scene.
From the article you refer to above

Russian Defense Ministry: Safety of Turkish planes can’t be guaranteed over Syria

there can be two interpretations. One that we have let the Syrians activate their defence systems and the other one is that we (the Russians) will personally protect Syrian airspace.

But laterally also, I see no proof yet of the efficacy of the S-300 or 400 in real action, nothing has been proven. On paper it is all supposed to be the best system but their has only been one plane shot over Syria recently, the Israeli F-16. I would have thought that therefore the efficacy remains to be proven and the |Russians have been rather slow to demonstrate this against real manned aeroplanes although there are reports of efficacy against missiles and drones. Any thoughts?