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michael norton

Erdogan has painted himself in to a corner.
As Coronavirus rages around the World and possibly we enter a World Recession, evry country will have much more pressing concerns, than the trouble Erdogan finds himself in, in addition in 130 days there is a presidential election in Am,erica, which is Donald Trump’s to lose.
Donald has been trying to extract America from Afghanistan and Syria, he really does not need a Middle East flare up, before the U.S.A. election. Trump is already pissed off with Erdogan, as is shown by the coup, that faile to remove Erdogan a couple of years ago.
Trump has removed Turkey as a partner from the most expensive military programme, of all time, the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II.
Turkey has stopped America from using Incerlik, which was paid for by the Americans.
Incirlik was probably built as a precursor to the Syrian “Civil” War.
Turkey should not want to piss off Putin, too much, Turkstream will benefit Turkey as well as Russia.
If Erdogan annoys Putin too much, he may cancel the S-400 Triumf for Turkey.

The Turkish Economy is already on the ropes.
There are two options for Erdogan, he can withdraw and possibly survive.
Or he can cause war between Turkey and Syria, which will force Putin to choose.
Putin may choose not to go deeper.
If I were Erdogan I would choose the safer option of withdraw and survive.

There will be more news coverage that Edogan’s troops are embedded with terrorists, he is training, supplying and encouraging them.
They flow, to and froe across the border with Turkey.